Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wallace D. Wattles "New" Science of Getting Rich (Revised) is Timeless and Relevant Work

This afternoon I am still resonating with gratitude after being serendipitously led to a copy of Wallace D. Wattles' "New" Science of Getting RICH revised for the 21st Century by Ruth D. Miller in this 2007 edition. Wallace D. Wattles lived from (1860 - 1911) and was part of The New Thought Movement that was a spiritual movement that first discovered metaphysics and forces at work in the universe that by logic and by experience were discovered to be part of the laws of nature, the laws of the universe and the formless "stuff" of Divine Intelligence. (Today even quantum physicists have discovered these force fields at work... in everything... in fact they claim that we are all bundles of energy ourselves... putting out energy that constructs the world that we accept as our "material ""reality".. as part of some kind of quantum "stuff" that has intelligence in it ..influenced by our own thoughts and feelings, especially those of reverence and gratitude.)

Wattle's work itself is said to been the inspiration for Rhonda Byrnes book and film "The Secret" of 2006 and 2007. Reading Wattles' book for me personally, was like the experience of seeing random iron fragments ...separate ideas... on a piece of paper align themselves in perfect symmetry once a magnet is brought into proximity that exerts its invisible "force fields".

The analogy I can make in my own mind is that before Wattles, I was trying to make sense out of new social media marketing and how those who spend more time socializing instead of trying to forcefully "sell" them something... actually sell more because of the irresistible goodness of the energy and value that they resonate. Wattles says that it's because of the "intelligent stuff" and Divine Goodness.. and Divine and Limitless Wealth that that people resonating this way tap into. That's "The Secret" and its amazing when you see it at work. Oprah Winfrey is living concrete example of this. She and her entire crew "gets it".. and they leverage it ...wrapping entire television shows around it...doing things "a Certain Way".. so it's no wonder that Oprah has become the richest personality on television. It's because of the Divine Goodness and Infinite Wealth that she is tapping into...just by being a decent human being.

I won't even try to explain...but reading this book will sure help you get it.. and get rich too. I have just put an updated version Wallace D. Wattle's classic work The "New" Science of Getting Rich as book #1 in my own Amazon-powered New World Virtual Bookstore. Enjoy the read.

One more comment... Wattles' "science" ...actually works. After power reading and taking diligent notes in my Google Docs,  I creatively visualized what new social marketing approach should look like...and contemplated it. Then I set an intention,  flowing  my own thoughts and feelings into it ...with deepest gratitude and faith that it was on its way. I could even seeing myself doing it... then BINGO!  ... today I just landed and nice long-term contract to actually more forward with actualizing and succeeding with my vision.  The lesson here is that once you get clear about what it is that you want.. and communicate that just as clearly to the Universe... that formless intelligent "stuff" actually responds with what you had once formed in thought.. in its own timely, mysteriously delightful developmental way. Amazing stuff here.

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Peace and good will to all. 

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