Saturday, August 27, 2011

Google+ New Ignore and Block Feature Delivers Awesome Control

This morning I am even more ecstatic after learning of Google+'s new Ignore and Block Feature that allows you to ignore and block people from your stream that you don't want cluttering it up.  This new feature delivers awesome control over your social networking life. When you Ignore or Block someone, they don't even know it, and you can easily take off the Ignore or Block anytime you want to.  Bravo Google!

Google+ Hangouts is also an awesome capability that has phenomenal power...once people stop sleepwalking... wake up and start exploring its use.... that is after they joined the Google+ and begin to understand its phenomenal advantages. 

Let's connect if you are interested in ways that multiple technologies - e.g. Google+ Hangouts, Google Sites, Google TV, and other Google cloud apps can make a phenomenal difference in your life and for your business. 425-780-6872. I welcome any all comments.

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