Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ Hangouts Extras Make this a Serious Collaborative Resource..Rivaling Paid Web Conferencing Services

Google has done it again with the addition of new Google Hangouts Extras in the new Google+ social networking environment. New additions of powerful capabilities like actual real time collaboration using Google Docs, now makes Google Hangouts+ a serious collaborative resource that now rivals fee-based web conferencing services like WebEx, GoToMeeting, and iLinc that you have to pay a whole lot a bucks for... and Google Hangouts is absolutely even the smallest micro-business can afford to get into the game. See this video and look at just some of the new capabilities:
  • 10-seat video conferencing with real-time global conversation and no minute-by-minute costs
  • Document collaboration using Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets to do powerful work
  • Desktop sharing - This could be a PowerPoint slide show used to share application screens
  • Whiteboard features - A great way to globally brainstorm using graphics, text, symbols and images with folks across the region ...or across the world
  • "View-podding" -  This is my favorite and what we are doing front-running work A pod of people can view a YouTube video together and talk about it together...This can be awesomely powerful...if the community-authored web television is powerful. This can be powerful tool for transforming entire communities and for revitalizing local economies. "

    A technical note: Only a few years ago, accessing this kind of capability costed more than $10,000 for licensed use, and it wasn't as good or as convenient to access as it is today. The same can be said of today's low-cost almost no cost web television technology. 
Do some of these ideas help? I continue to be amazed by folks set in their ways and not electing to even try newer technology that has the potential of improving their situation...especially during these challenging economic times... and especially when this new technology is free.  What are they waiting for? With an intelligent and heart-centered approach, Google+ and Google Hangouts can not only be used to grow business, but this stuff can also be applied to make ours a better world. We know how to do that.  Here are just some of the ways:
  • Real Estate, Community-Authored Television and Hyperlocal Advertising Applications - Talk to us. If you wait, the opportunity will have already passed you by. 
  • Independent Sales Reps in Multi-Level Marketing programs - A great way to recruit new reps and build business together
  • Small Business Owners - Use it to do webinars that can grow your business. Talk to us about how we can provide entire suite of Google resources - Google Sites, YouTube video, mobile video, Google+ and Google HangOuts to grow your business.
  • Non-profit Executive Directors and Development Directors - Let us consult with you to leverage the power of the new television and Google+ Circles and Hangouts to grow your capability as well as develop donors and fundraise.
  • Government Managers - There are countless ways we can do outreach using the new web television, Google+ and new Google Hangouts ...including community-based programs working with at-risk, court-involved youth. 
  • Large Business, Corporate Social Responsibility Applications and Community Partnerships - Talk to us. Let us consult with you regarding new applications for these stuff that can position you phenomenally well in the community.
Contact us today at 425-780-6972 let us help you move forward in this now 21st century world of our with a fresh new approach. 

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