Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Sugar Chile" Robinson Child Prodigy..in 1946 - More Evidence of How the Gifts of Divine Intelligence Manifest Themselves in Amazing Ways

"Sugar Chile" Robinson  - CLICK HERE to experience "The Gift"

This morning I am in deepest reverence, and gratitude after being reminded of the gifts of Divine Intelligence and the infinite ways this Divine Presence continues to remind us.. and teach us. This morning, while thinking about my next blog post, it came in the form of an e-mail  from my friend and colleague, and Master Mind group member Michael Twiggs...who is also on The Path...a Path that led him and me to this amazing performance of "Sugar Chile" Robinson (Frank Issac Robinson),  as a child prodigy in the post World World II film, No Leave, No Love (1946) . There can be no other explanation for this kind of Art and talent... and ability to learn than from the inference that it is all part of the same Divine Gift. 

Let's connect and celebrate ...in gratitude and in deepest reverence...and joy... that Divine Intelligence once again through love of humankind, the Light of Good... can still clearly shine through... even in the middle of the chaos of war. I welcome your own comments. Here is my phone 425-780-6872

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