Monday, June 20, 2011

The New World Social Media Marketing Way

This afternoon, I am ecstatic about the way that front-runners on the new social Internet are now marketing themselves in an "enlightened" way that speaks to my needs as an educator and as someone who has always been turned off by old think forceful "hard-sell" mass marketing sales types and their tactics, now being gladly left behind in a highly-social Internet world..

Our time is NOW. "The New World Social Media Marketing Way" is freshingly different and deeply influenced by New World consciousness that understands and leverages the" laws of attraction".. and "laws of abundance" in the following ways...that are most seductive:
  • DESIGN and DELIVERY of VALUABLE VIDEO-BASED CONTENT that "speaks" to the needs of prospective customers, based upon addressing and creatively answering questions, frequently on people's minds. Skillful marketers encourage folks to post on their Facebook walls and to comment on their blogs...even produce videos in response.  The more skillful marketers even address "insider" questions that their prospective customers should be asking but haven't gotten there yet to even pose the right questions. The videos are excellent, get right to the point, and now can be produced very inexpensively...and what great "vibes" the really good 21st century communicators put out.  See my recent post about about knowledge industry guru Brendan Burchard and about Simon Mainwaring and other strategic partners in Mike Koenig's Master Mind group.

  • AUTHENTIC LEARNING -  the best content is not advertising "hype"  but you really learn something new from it and this builds credibility and authority... the new relations-based social media marketing way.  The new best salesperson ... is the educator who empowers people with useful information and knowledge that you can practical apply and that makes a difference. Awesome content that you can run with.
  • HEART-CENTERED CONVERSION... These front-runners' conversion environments are so elegantly and lovingly designed that it is a pleasure to opt-in. The information shared is so awesomely good, that people are happy to opt-in to obtain more value, and eventually end up purchasing an offer, just to get more of it, and marketers let you know that they are more enlightened and the actually and authentically care about you...what Oprah has done create a whole lot of abundance for the entire world.. as well as for herself.

  • INTELLIGENT COMMUNICATIONS and LEARNING ...the technology "under the hood" is implemented so elegantly that it doesn't get in the way of the learning and conversion experience. It blasts your content to up to 100 social media locations... at once.. and the design of the conversion environments reflects caring and an enlightened consciousness. 
What this all means... Successfully marketing your small business or non-profit organization now demands much more skill, experience, sophistication and enlightenment than the old-think, tired way of marketing and selling. More than the ordinary "web developer" ...or relative who only knows how to design and throw up a website, the person who can help you most is the enlightened social media marketer and educator who empowers. This is especially so if you need to reach audiences with quality content that they care about, and if you need to see traffic being driven to your website  that leverages the power of inspiring new "how-to" web television to do that. Wow how grateful I am to be alive and still around to be help others take advantage of this fresh and positive new direction. Call me and let's connect. There is a whole new world of communications opportunity to be enjoyed. 425-780-6872.

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