Friday, August 12, 2011

Here's a Great Book About Feeling Good.. and Getting Rich

This morning I am reflecting on the astonishing power of one's own feelings and reminded of this great book by Lynn Grabhorn - Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting - The Astonishing Power of Feelings and what kinds of feelings I choose to resonate.. positive ones... or negative ones? What is most interesting here, is how easy it is for one's own "drunken monkey" mind to drown yourself in negative mind chatter...beating you up and making you feel bad ... even when fresh new ideas and "net new" opportunities are presented each, and every day to you. Check yourself out - When you see someone in a nice shiny new hybrid car or electric car like a Tesla, do you feel good inside about the idea of having it yourself...or do you catch yourself feeling bad because you don't have the money? How quickly feelings of "pro-car" can become feelings of "no-car" ..scarcity, no money, low-energy and even you resonate negatively...adding to the "economic down-turn." What's interesting is that this stuff is all going on in the mind and can actually impact your physical and mental the physical world...drowning your sorrows in a fatburger and super-sized fries... making you so obese and so sick, that you can't even work. I see this happening all around me and am compassionate about helping people get their heads and hearts right. I love it when I can share videos of folks making positive change like Clean Greens Farms and Market video that I recently blogged about. 

Take the economy for instance. All the analysts say that it due to a "lack of confidence".... a feeling state that creates an oppressive "reality" of scarcity, so the exchange of money... currency...bearly flows.  If this is true, than why not just feel more confident and change that feeling state and create a new prosperous REALITY that flows the money? We just need to get the sequence right. We need be aware of  and "flip" those negative feelings of angst, panic, and fear, first and instead be confident, be at peace, and be happy NOW and resonate that and then we will actually attract wealth. The part I like best about the book is the chapter about flipping these negative feelings into something positive.  If you do, people will amazingly want to do business with you...because of your feel-good energy and they want more of that energy and feeling the money flows bounteously again. Sweet!

I'm no quantum physicist, spiritual guru, or expert in New Thought. I just know this stuff works and how grateful I am to be aware to get clear about what it is that I really want - e.g. I want to be happy, at peace and full of love ...NOW and I can be that NOW... even before the money shows up to evidence the manifestation of wealth that originated deep from within me.  It  feels good just getting quiet and getting in touch with that...and wow do I buzz like a broadcast transmission tower. It's that kind of "vibe" that can make the intelligent "stuff" of the universe flow like water and have our "cups runneth over" if only I choose to get out of right side of the bed every day, show up and let the energy flow positive in our thoughts, feelings and loving helpful actions with others...even in spite of all the negative vibes that people unconsciously are putting out ...supposedly because of the "economy".  If you just  learn how to control your own feelings and funnel them into action and do that intelligently with a whole lot of love and creativity, the world can be your oyster, and I am savoring the taste that even now. 

Just look at all this awesome new low cost almost no cost technology out here now that can help you reach and engage more customers and grow your business in new ways. This new Google + thing is especially exciting to me...especially doing video Hangouts to help make ours a better world and Thinking Video and Getting Rich.. What are you waiting for? Feel the wealth now, and act upon it. Call me today. and let's have you tap into the flow of life too, having your own cup running over... right along with mine. We can do this together, Call today. 425-780-6872.

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