Thursday, August 11, 2011

Imagine How Much Better Life Could Be Using New Google+ Hangouts

This afternoon I am again "resonating"...vibrating with positive energy...imagining how much better life could be using new Google + video Hangouts. Imagine the Congress... or better yet, the people working out America's and the world's economic crisis with this. Google + Hangouts is a powerful new way to have an online meeting with up to 10 people using multiple webcams.. that's!  Skype doesn't even do this with multiple webcams, and the way it can roll in YouTube videos can be really, really powerful.. limited only by your imagination. Here are some practical applications for this that we are working on:
  • Small Business Development applications designed to outreach to your customers, develop your field sales staff, and phenomenally grow your business.
  • Non-Profit Capacity-building, Fund-raising, and Donor Development applications
  • Government applications designed to serve the public better...with phenomenal business reach
  • Education applications.. to help "re-think" and extend education...and phenomenally grow business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility applications capable of greatly improving relations with the public
  • ...and many, many more. 
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