Friday, December 2, 2011

YouTube's Radical Channel-centric Re-Design: The Time to Seize the Web Television Opportunity is Now

This morning, I am again ecstatic after learning of YouTube's radical redesign of its homepage: Now it has become your own personalized interface to... a whole new world of subscriber-based television channels that individuals, and businesses of all types and sizes can author on a smart television console only some of the channels can be the very ones you authored! YouTube's channel-centric re-design of its now personalized homepage means that ...The Time to Seize the Web Television Opportunity is NOW.

This new direction supports what I said in my December 1, 2011 blog #2, after planning the whole social media marketing plan and program enchilada, has to do with moving forward of your own web television channel on YouTube and getting some help with that as part of a comprehensive multi-venued social media marketing strategy that leverages now web video, social networks, and mobile platforms.

So what does this mean for you as an individual, as a business or as an organization trying to reach your audience to move business forward? Let me help you "connect the dots":
  • Never before in the entire history of the world do you have the potential to do more good than you do today by crafting ...and aggregating some quality television programming that can speak to peoples' needs by serving them well with quality information and how-to expertise and "edu-tainment".

  • Nothing is more powerful then well-crafted television that now has even greater business reach than broadcast or cable television that has been both cost-prohibitive and technology-prohibitive to all but only wealthiest individuals and larger businesses.

  • Nothing is less expensive or easier to use than the low cost ...and some cases even free web technology that you can now use to produce quality web television. See our Web Television Technology page for example on our Amazon-powered New World Virtual Book Store... Ultra compact and easy to use HD cameras are now under $200 and now you have even shoot HD video with your smart phone....and upload it right to YouTube...where you can stabilize, fix and edit content online...using YouTube's online editor... for free!

  • Nothing will do a better job of getting indexed and driving traffic to you website and brick-and-mortar business operation than a series of well-crafted... mega-submitted web television programs that people "like" and +1 and virally share with each other.

  • Nothing better will have your business spring more to life,  become more intentional, create more mind-share and do more good than if you "raise the bar" in your own industry... by creating your own front-running web television channel that serves people and organizations phenomenally well...locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally. 
It can be part of a whole new social media marketing strategy that a television-literate, and learning-literate consulting firm can help you with. For more information about how this can all work for you and your organization, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect ...and start strategizing!

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