Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google + Hangouts go On Air...and Mobile as Google Aces A Newer Hyperlocalized Marketplace

If you had your doubts whether Google+ would be a contender or not, you can now be put all doubts to rest. In the last ninety days, Google has made over 100 improvements to its new Google+ social networking platform already delivering phenomenal value to those of us who already understand the potential power of "Circles", "HangOuts", "Huddles" and "Photos" media sharing. 

The lastest win is HangOuts On Air that now competes with LiveStream, Mogulus, UstreamTV, Telestream and others. Phone Hangouts are also possible if you running version 2.3+ on your Android phone with front and back cameras. 

We are witnessing history in the making during this exciting time of ours. Seeing all this stuff go mobile will have important implications for the development of community-authored television and hyperlocal business development... that drives economic recovery of local communities. Talk to us if you to are interested in making some of it. 425-780-6872.

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