Thursday, November 17, 2011's Video and Approach Are Excellent Examples of Fund-raising Possibilities

This morning I am resonating about how the Universe responds when you think,  feel and do the right thing. I just made an 8-week comittment to a local non-profit, teaching them about how to leverage the power of  the new web television and social networking to fund-raise and help change the world...when BINGO my friend Kwan Nam on Google+ shares this great link to YouTube video done by All the pieces are there:
  • The Right Consciousness - Their mindset is one of abundance, not scarcity .. even in Africa. Tapping into creativity of all people is the source of true prosperity. Notice how the community itself was involved in this "community-authored" web television piece.

  • Communications-Literacy - Experience the outcome of their creative brainstorming and coordinated global collaboration to make the split frame collaborative action and music work.

  • Social Media Marketing Literacy. Their relationship-based, social approach and use of other technology venues - e.g. website, presence in social networking architecture is just as smart and innovative. 
What great course material! - There is much to learn here by "critical viewing" and "de-constructiing" what they had to do in order to be able to create this kind of outcome, and orchestrate these qualitative results. If you too would like to eventually create quality communications like this to grow your non-profit business, let's connect. Call me at 425-780-6872 and let's start getting the ball rolling.

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