Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Dream Come True: Google Presentations... with YouTube video..."Inside" a Google Hangout Session

This is a screen capture of live Google Hangouts Enhanced version session. 
This morning, I am resonating with a marketing communicator and trainer's dreams come true, with respect to using Google Hangouts ...as a powerful communications and learning resource...using it to do online events and webinars where the following is now possible...without paying ...one cent.. for fee-based web conferencing:
  • Participants can see each other "face-to-face" in real-time using multiple webcams
  • Participants can do collaborative work together using Google Docs....and Spreadsheets
  • Powerful YouTube training videos can now be viewed "inside" a Google Presentation.
....all for free...using Google+ and Google Hangouts.

Capacity - Right now its up to 10 people... ideal for a small workshop or workgroup. You can even use a third-party screen recording utility to record sessions if you'd like. Down the road, another version of Google HangOuts ...Hangouts "On-Air" will live stream to large audiences as well as record the session. That version will more than likely will be ad-supported, so that you we will also be able to use this for "free". 

What's in this for you... Lot's when this technology is practically and innovative applied to grow your business, locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. For more information, call us today at 425-780-6872 and let's connect. 

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