Saturday, September 25, 2010

NWC Offers New Google TV Workshop Series...Create your own Content...Create your own Channel... Create your own Empire

With most of the pieces Google TV (See "What is GoogleTV?" on my New World Television page)  already here and in place... and with the home television piece about to be released, it's time to get the jump by ramping up quick... to reach multiple television audiences...on the web, on mobile devices, on YouTube, and on HD television screens... with your own CONTENT, with your own CHANNEL, and building your own television-based EMPIRE. Here's the workshop series we have just put together to help you move forward:

  • Workshop One - What is Google TV? - This 90-minute session provides a more in-depth overview of the new Google TV and its implications, for the smallest micro-business, to retail businesses, to government, to large business, to non-profit groups, and NGOs, and the largest nation-states and developing countries.

  • Workshop Two - Planning and Producing Your Own Content - This 3-hour session provides a hands-on crash course on planning and producing your own Google TV content, complete with hardware/software choices and approaches. You will learn how to plan, shoot, and edit complete programs withs special with insider tips for doing quality audio voice-overs, etc,. and how to render and upload to the web.

  • Workshop Three - Creating and Programming Your Own Television Channel - This 3-hour session covers Google TV channel creation from A to Z from targeting your audiences and learning about their needs through virtual focus groups to creating your channel on your website... and on large screen HDTV displays in homes and in businesses for point-of-sale and training applications.

  • Workshop Four - Distributing Your Own Television Content - This 3-hour session covers exciting new ways to reach multiple audiences via the web, via mobile devices, via home and business television, in your blog and across Facebook and Twitter. Special time-saving "insider" tips will be shared. We' also cover how your Google TV content can be used in e-meetings, and webinars...and even in multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows...for phenomenal advantage.

  • Workshop Five - Business Models for Television in a 21st Century World - This lively 3-hour session will briefly cover the history of television and the impact of new technology and a more media-literate, empowered viewing audience ...and doing audience...that is now capable of authoring its own high quality television content on business... challenge-wise...and new opportunity-wise... even for the smallest micro-business. We will also focus on not-for-profit economic development, community development, and educational reform applications for the new television. 
Get the jump! Call us now about these sessions...for you, for your staff and possibly for your customers: These sessions will be offered on both a group basis as well as on a one-on-one consultative basis. The new Google TV... is a huge opportunity for multiple stakeholders.  For more information, contact me at 425-780-6872.

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