Monday, September 13, 2010

Google TV A Huge Opportunity...for the Television-Savvy Entrepreneur

This morning I am buzzing again and at a very high positive frequency...feeling how great it will be when even smaller businesses can benefit from the new television that they'll be able to produce and program themselves...for phenomenal advantage. This is not wishful thinking here...but a manifestation of intention that has now been fueled by what Google is launching this Fall in year 2010 ...the new Google TV. See "What is GoogleTV"? on my own New World Television page. 

So what's the big deal and why is television important in our now 21st century world? Just looking at the numbers tells you why. Currently there are over $4 billion television viewers worldwide that watch more than five hours of television a day. With exposure to that many eyeballs, this results in more than $70 billion in ad revenue each year. Compare that with 3 billion mobile users and 1 million Internet users. See Google's launch of  Google TV at their I/O Developers Conference introducing Google's new LeanBack user interface.

Not only are the numbers important but so is a changing audience with now changed demographics and a television marketplace that has now become radically more democratic due to revolutionary no-cost video hosting and viral sharing/social media technology like YouTube and low cost camcorders, and new smart phones and iPods. Even HD video production is radically easier to do and radically lower cost, even right on you mobile device. Currently there are now over 14.6 billion videos on YouTube, and revolutionary YouTube playlist technology allows for the creation of entire television "channels" that will now find their way onto large HD television sets.... this means that your own content could show up there!

And it gets even better. On your TV screen you'll also be able to use Chrome Internet browser to search for anything... and the entire operating system is Android so it will run Android apps and talk to Android-based mobile devices....yet another phenomenally powerful reason to "Go Google" like New World Communications has. See my New World Television Channel on my website and see my overview about leveraging the power of the new television, then jump forward to the new content I've added of Google launching new Google TV. It is fun to do! Nice!

So what's this in for today's entrepreneur?... a whole lot.. that is if they can "get clear"..and wake up in time to get television-savvy... in time to start producing their own content and  programming of other content providers' content as a service to their customers ...on their own television "channel" ... on their own websites. That's what we are doing... "walking the walk" ourselves... and we can help them with all of it...from concept to completion.

Wow, do I feel good about being involved in television..of all and programming as long as I have, and about the way that I can now help other entrepreneurial types seize this new opportunity...and run with it...rather than be passed up by it  and be left even further behind. Call me today and let's connect if you too are interested in moving forward with the powerful new television in our now brave new 21st century world - 425-780-6872

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