Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whaaat? Speed Dating to Conduct Green Business?

Today I am thinking how weird it was to participate in an RFP Outreach Event designed as a "speed dating" event I attended yesterday...designed to supposedly hook me up with "prime contractors" bidding on a green business contract and having me define on the spot the role I needed to play... "prime contractor?"... "sub-contractor?".... the pursuer?"... or the pursued? ..or both? But isn't that the way that "true love" actually happens?

The RFP-related business outreach event I attended had to do with a fairly large contract currently held by an incumbent prime contractor, more than likely going after the contract again... with the bid due only 15 days later. Ouch! How can business match-making actually ...and authentically happen in that short a time frame?

After listening to officials present, and talk about how the proposal would be evaluated and awarded, it was clear to most of us that the incumbent prime contractor was the "heavy" here, and more than likely to be awarded the contract again, though special mention was made of public policy dividing the award up and of "aspiring" to be more inclusive from a "race and social justice initiative".. as well as from a "good business practice" prospective. Wow, did all of this have my head spinning. 

Inside I kept asking myself... how can "true love" happen so quickly, especially when I only have 3 minutes to connect....and to strut my stuff?  But then I took a deep breath.. and took a shot at playing this "speed dating" game thing. I still can't remember what it was that I said... and remembering faces has now become a blur but at least we exchanged "calling cards" allowing me to do an e-mail and phone follow-up today. What it felt like however was that there already were "secret love affairs" going on that most of us ... asked to play the game...were not even privy to. ... Weird... I hope that I am wrong and will be pleasantly surprised if I can participate in any of this business at all. It was a good way to get in a little face time with primes however so I actually highly applaud the idea. Let's connect if you have similar experience or insight about events like this. 425-780-6872.

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