Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching that Perfect Wave and Reflections About Riding Out the Economy.

This morning, still resonating from the What is Google TV? experience...what I am feeling... and flowing that feeling of what it most be like to catch, be inside of and ride that perfect wave...after paddling out and waiting for such a long time, for the currents to shift and for the energy to build...and I do my own part to go with it, over and over again, and getting better and better at each time... in between the wipe outs!.

Waves, surfing, and "Surfing the Waves" are great metaphors that my good friends and coaches consultants Matthew Ferry and Thach Nguyen help me get in touch with, in coping with life and dealing with the ebb and flow of it...and  riding out the economy.

In thinking of water, flow... and this economy, two phenomena come to mind, "Recession" and "Tsunami" helping me gain greater understanding of forces at work. Here's what I mean. Right before a Tsunami, all the water "recedes". It doesn't go away, it just seems like that. What is really happening  is that new energy is building... gathering up phenomenal force and power. Then it comes roaring back, taking people and things in its path not already on higher ground and positioned to withstand the positioning is really important.

Sometimes the perfect place to be is right "inside" the curl... yet at other times it's way safer to be on higher ground...or to run like hell.

Interestingly the animals... especially elephants... wise old creatures with wrinkled skins sense the low frequency energy and danger and head for the hills before humans even know what's going on. Then after chaos, life returns to normal again... at least until the earth moves again. The lessons here really are multi-fold, paddle out and catch those waves, getting better, and better at it...balance-wise.. as you ride. That's what I am doing, paddling out to catch this new Google TV wave.  The other part I will leave to the animal kingdom and the Universe to pay attention to and take cues from. I welcome your own thoughts. Let's connect 425.780-6872.

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