Sunday, September 12, 2010

At NWC We Intend to Have Green Business Get A Lot More Greener

What's on my mind this morning is how New World Communications can help "Green Business" get a lot more greener. The challenge and the opportunity has to do with mindset and people's approach to the world.

Simply put, if folks still basically approach the world with a limiting physical world mindset, the best that they can come up with is physical world transportation and physical world architecture- e.g. hybrid cars, electric cars, LEEDS-certified buildings, etc. -  that lowers carbon footprint.  If, however they add a virtual world toolset however like web conferencing and other forms of social architecture that they can meet "inside" of, then they can "get there" and "get back" instantly just by logging on and off ...with zero carbon footprint.

Basically what they do is "transport" their "virtual presence" to virtual architecture using 21st century communications "vehicles"...instead of their "bods" using physical world vehicles. That "virtual presence" "inside" of virtual architecture keeps getting better and better as the technology keeps improving and as we continue to undergo a shift in paradigm... developing a new world consciousness..if you will.

So what do we do...abandon physical world approaches to improving physical world transportation and architecture in our physical world "reality"? Nope, of course not. A more enlightened approach is a hybrid world mindset and approach to both transportation and architecture that combines both physical world and virtual world strategies. This will all be better understood once it is experienced like we've been doing. Our feet are still firmly planted on the ground, however, even as our consciousness expands and as our innovative ideas proliferate.  I've been virtual worker, enjoying revenue by developing virtual architecture ..web sites... and working with hybrid world phenomena like web television " since 1997, and already we can meet with you "inside" our website in our New World Virtual Meeting Room...with zero carbon footprint.. 

That's what's been happening to Art Johnson and his proud little front-running company New World Communications and what we have been up to... "walking through a virtual door" for phenomenal advantage.. Wow, what an exciting and lucrative journey this has already become. See our NWC Overview 2010 on our New World Television channel page for more info, then let's connect... and talk about what's in this for you and how our approach can help you and your business go even greener..with more green in your bank account too. 425-780-6872.


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  2. Green Business Directory function in ways that fix, rather than cause, both ecological and social problems.