Monday, September 6, 2010

Re-visiting E-Commerce in 2010... It's Now Gone Social

This morning I am preparing for a second meeting with one of my favorite small business clients to re-visit upgrading their print catalog and their website/e-storefront that we did way back in 2005. We also successfully project-led their migration over to Quickbooks a few years ago. 

So now is an opportunity to "update" ourselves...on what is going on now in small business e-commerce... and to get it right, in an explosive Web 3.0 marketplace where much has now changed due to technology improvements and due to the profound influence of social media on local, regional, national, and international commerce. "Social Commerce" is what they have been now calling it since about 2006, and it presents both a new challenge and a new opportunity to understand and leverage newer approaches that link up your e-commerce storefront with social sites such as Facebook where there is now a lot of "traffic" and an opportunity to grow more business by having a business presence there.

Communities of interest using Facebook hang out there like folks do around the "water cooler", connecting up and engaging with each other and recommending products and services. See this Wikipedia link more info about "Social Commerce". Also see Social Media Strategist Dr. Paul Marsden's presentation on International Trends in Social Commerce.

Several newer e-commerce platforms..that we are looking at.. have now been designed to integrate with social media platform architecture such as Facebook and Twitter, to bring "The Till" (e.g. e-commerce platform) to the "water cooler" and the "water cooler" to "The Till" . See for example. Ours is a great new time. Call me and let's discuss new social commerce challenges and opportunities together. We continue to learn... just like you. 425.780.6872.

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