Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smart Grid Training - We're Ready Whenever Cities Are Ready

What's on my mind this morning is the new smart grid that's about to be installed and the kind of training for multiple stakeholders that can make a qualitative difference... as well as a bottom line difference...for multiple stakeholders ... in this newly emergent "green" economy of ours...and for my own front-running small business, New World Communications....not only hopefully... but also intentionally.

The challenge and the opportunity lies in thinking "outside the box" by not only designing and delivering traditional instructor-led training, but also adding a virtual world training toolset... and most importantly by cultivating a more innovative "hybrid world" mindset that can also fully leverage new 21st century tools and strategies.

Wow! What a great opportunity smart grid implementation is to serve multiple communities and stakeholders well, creating new jobs, and new dreams while helping our economy recover, and making ours a better world...Nice!

For the last few years, we've been working on that, and our new "green" communications and e-learning approach and platform that we designed to deliver the mission-critical learning a new world needs is ready to do that by uniquely providing the following resources:
  • 21st century instructional design and delivery services tailor-fit to address multiple clients' needs ...including diverse stakeholders in diverse communities even.
  • Eco-friendly "big-reach", "learning-rich" web conferencing with a special patented "green meter" that automatically calculates: 1) physical world miles not travelled, 2) $ of fuel not spent, and even 3) pounds of CO2 not emitted... every time that folks e-meet and learn online.
  • Powerful web television-based learning assets using radically new ultra compact low-cost, almost no cost video technology
As training contractors ourselves and as a minority-based small business enterprise, with years of experience, I look forward to working closely with cities in providing the mission-critical learning that can make smart grid implementation a quality experience that all businesses and multiple stakeholders can benefit from.... Both I and my rapidly scalable company, New World Communications are ready ...whenever cities are ready to move forward. For more information, call me at 425-780-6872.

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