Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Amazing Google Phenomenon: We Are Now Rapidly Growing Our Own Television Channel

This is the "old-think" expensive, inaccessible  television channel "reality"... Not any more.

This morning is yet another break-through for me personally as well as for my communications and e-learning consulting firm, New World Communications and it has to do with learning more about the absolutely amazing Google phenomenon and how I can now deliver world-class information via my New World Television Channel ... "delivered at the speed of need" to my growing list of happy customers via more rapid development of the programming.

The old-think television channel image above.. is a mental teaser... Actually you don't have to spend even a dime on expensive, inaccessible old-think television like this...and you don't have to go through countless hassles trying to gain access to it via the old Public Access, Education, and Government (PEG) channel way. 

Consider this:  Most small business people I talk to, including moi have not been able to keep up with rapid technology changes, especially regarding to using whole sets of of new applications that can now be used to deliver more visitors to their websites and drive more business their way... that's the challenge. 

Web Television is the way to go to address this but yesterday, I thought that I had to produce all this video content myself and then program it into to my playlist... but this morning... BINGO!... I discovered that I can now program in... any how-to content...from any content provider....from all over the entire I immediately searched it, found it... and added it to my playlist. 

Wow! I am speechless feeling the powerful implications of this... Now my New World Television Channel...can stream the best content in the world... and I can rapidly grow the kind of information that my clients need...delivering it at the speed of need... and address their challenge of having to drink from a fire hose.

This also moves me way forward of all other competitors with respect to developing and delivering a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice... using the world's very best local, regional, national, and international subject matter experts and working with them on a collaborative basis. We can even meet "inside" our website and collaborate on projects in my New World Virtual Meeting Room.

I now sit here resonating at very high frequency...filled with joy... as an outcome of learning more about the Amazing Google Phenomenon...and leveraging it. Awesome! This also means that besides rapidly developing a powerful website, I can also rapidly deploy your own web television channel on it... even if you know nothing about producing web television content yourself.

We can now deliver phenomenal advantage.. Call me today and let's connect so you can deliver phenomenal advantage as well. 425.780.6872

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