Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Web Television: What Story Do YOU Need to Tell?

This morning the art of storytelling is on my mind: "Once upon a time, there were all these people in businesses small, medium and large that lived in the village by the sea. They all happily went about business as usual... not changing a thing... that is.. not until this huge fire-breathing dragon called Economic Recession showed up and started terrifying the entire countryside ... and landscape... laying whole businesses and governmental agencies to waste. 

Business owners and managers from the smallest start-up and micro-business, to the largest enterprise were all terrified due to lack of sales, paltry tax revenues and looming budget cuts. Even executive directors and their fundraising managers at the non-profits were all upset that even their traditional fundraising approaches, their annual galas, and their annual breakfasts were still coming up short...even after venturing onto Facebook and "tweeting" frantically with Twitter ... six to eight times a day. 

People also frantically drove around in their gas-guzzling...carbon emitting cars, going from one Meet Up group, and Business Casual to the next, hoping to drum up some business, and even though they all smiled their "Northwest Nice" smiles, when you asked them how things were going... you could see in their eyes that they were all terrified... not knowing what to do.

And where was traditional media in all this? The newspapers and the radio and television stations, both commercial and public with their impressive buildings, their broadcast towers and transmitters dominating the city skyline, and their cable distribution..going into virtually every home? Most of their stories were as glum as the people who read, watched and listened to them. With the sky falling... and things getting worse ...with unemployment and all ..and the risk of a "double dip" recession looming...and more fire-breathing dragons threatening to be on their way...what was there to do?

Luckily, on the horizon there appeared some new communications technology... some tiny little cameras...and other devices... even cellphones.. that at first...you barely even noticed...and a new generation of iPods that made some amazingly good video that people could use to frame and tell their own stories...with better endings... than the ones that they found themselves in. But people still weren't aware of how to use them that way...so they just used them to record birthday parties and to socialize with...futiley trying to overcome all the low energy "vibes" all around them.

But then things started to change... quite nicely and just in time to... once they discovered Arthur of The New World with his brave little $89 Flip camcorder and his laptop virtual studio...and once they experienced the wonderful stories he told about his own amazing little micro-business, and about the amazing businesses of others that he helped empower both large and small. He did it by connecting with them as human beings and by resonating and flowing positive energy using the structure of story to communicate the value of what these businesses uniquely provided... and this really helped make the economic picture .. a whole lot brighter..because of all the hope...and because of all the consumer confidence that this created. People bought more goods and services, as a result and this helped turn the economy around. 

And people really liked they way that Arthur of the New World leveraged his "New World Television" to help people and organizations learn... and change the world ...locally, regionally, and even nationally and internationally... by combining television with big reach, learning-rich web conferencing events....and 'everyone lived happily ever after"'. The End...and the beginning.

We now have the power ...leveraging the power of the new television...to create our own reality...based upon things that we deeply care about.. and based upon stories with more happy endings that now need to be told. What story do YOU need to tell for you and your business? And what happier ending do you need to see, hear, touch...feel...and create. Call me today, and using the power of the new television, I can help you with that. 425-780-6872.

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