Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wow Am I Stoked Manifesting for All Three of These HD Cameras that the Universe will Respond With

Wow am I stoked this morning allowing myself to feel what my life would be like ... owning all three of these radically different HD cameras and serving people well with them. Yesterday the Universe sent me not one... but three separate e-mails with RFPs... all requesting web television production services.. which got me "buzzing" positively about how well I could serve existing and prospective clientele by owning not just one of these HD cameras...but all three of them...Yesss!.

Compact Pro HD - ($1500) - A professional HD camera that's still compact and with its own mini-shotgun communicates that I am in the business as a video production professional when I show up on a shoot. Some of these Compact Pro HD cameras can now be had for around $1500....but then...

Digital SLR Camera - ($1099) - I am also looking at the new digital single lenses reflex (DSLR) still image cameras that also shoot excellent HD video with all the advantages of superior optics and still camera image processing, pre-sets, and manual overrides. Sweet! I recently went to an outreach event where Comcast own video production crew was there and they were all shooting HD with DSLR's. I had to do a double take because at first I thought they were bunch of photographers and press people. I just need to get the audio right and carry a camera bag....but then...

Flip Slide HD Camera (Around $280) -  I then think about how amazingly great and versatile new one-red-button Flip Slide HD video cameras are...especially when it comes to customer empowerment... with me completely changing the television empowering and training others....feeling how great this will feel... having an HD production studio and video "slides" viewer right in my own coat pocket. If I teach others how to tell their own stories and how they get paid for it, I can even create jobs for people and help turn this economy around... This feels great! I already know it good it felt to empower at-risk, court-involved youth with Flip technology and Flip HD is the next step. 

Now all I have to do is respond to those e-mailed requests for quotation...that the Universe sent.. as though... I already have...all three of them... feeling great about the fantastic way I will be able to serve these clients... with three fine piece of gear... and via winning these bids.... they and the financing for them..will be on their way. 

Excuse me world, but my new web television life is waiting. Thank you Lynn Grabhorn.. My feelings now have astonishing power,  and your book and your Divine wisdom were right on time. Call me and let's connect if you like to know more about what new HD web television can help you develop your own business in our now 21st century world. 1.425.780.6872


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  1. Art,
    here is the new Canon 60D. I think I just found my replacement finally to my Gl1.
    However, there's the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000A that I've been sweating since it was introduced.
    Notice I didn't mention the flip.