Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Need for Mission-critical Learning: It's Harder to Take-off and Land Without the Lights On

What's on mind this morning is the need for mission-critical learning in our now 21st century world, and how hard it is for today's entrepreneur to try to take off and land... without having "the lights on", and in a myriad of ways. Even the word "mission-critical" demands that folks are awake enough to understand what their mission is, and how to manifest that, especially before undertaking any new business venture. 

What I am talking about is "enlightened" action that can only happen if people are fully awake and conscious, radiating positive energy and intention as opposed to being just another member of the "walking dead" flowing negative thoughts and feelings into everything they half-heartedly think about attempting to do.  Imagine how difficult and dangerous it would be if you were an airline pilot who routinely tried to take off and land without your lights on... on your aircraft and more your brain. I see this all the time when I look into the eyes of a lot of entrepreneurs and don't see the lights on there. It's no wonder that they are having such a hard time staying on top of their business especially in a more challenging 21st century world. 

The challenge I think has to do with the volume of information that today's entrepreneur has to deal with.  Most of it from the flood of e-mail, on Facebook, and now blasted over Twitter... is an outrageous waste of time, so people's minds shut down, filtering out just about everything, sometimes even things that they deeply care about, putting off dreams...because of all the "noise" and "clutter". Their frustration and negative energy flowing from it of course attracts more negative energy so that learning and undertaking anything new technology-wise becomes particularly challenging and problematic....with little or no energy or resources invested there.

But this "challenge" for me is an opportunity as an educator and new world communicator. If I can instructionally design experiences that are not overwhelming and that are meaningful, saving time and helping them become aware of their own power as human beings to dream again and achieve the things that they deeply care about, then even their technology training and empowerment can end up being way more productive. 

The good news is that when technology itself is approached in an enlightened way, positive miraculous things can not only happen but they can also now be amplified, extended and enriched ...using technology. Oprah Winfrey is a good case in point.  Just look at what she has done and continues to do in a powerful distance learning way...using commercial television and the Internet even...even Skype to help the world. Whoever thought that commercial television could be so human.

When Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth came out and started taking off, Oprah Winfrey had Eckhart on and engaged millions in her series of live webcasts and critical conversations about how we need to become more aware so that we can create this "new earth" together. Wow! Did that experience "speak" to me communications, learning-wise,and humanity-wise. All the pieces to the puzzle were there...that fell into place:, lucid thinker, author and human being with a thoughtful book radiating positive energy that got amplified across the entire U.S. and world. 

Oprah Book Club reading groups were an opportunity to be a part of  that positive energy flow so I amplified myself by using web conferencing and conference calling to "virtualize" our physical meeting so that folks as far away as South Carolina could log in and also be there. And what a great way this was to also have people learn how technology can support their learning and their empowerment. 

What's key is how the instruction can now be designed and delivered in our now 21st century world... infused with positive human energy. Thanks Oprah for providing us with a learning model that I am now able to replicate even ...without a huge budget and with even lower cost technology. I can use low cost, almost no cost web television and web conferencing technology to do that. 

Call me and let's connect around the development and delivery of mission-critical learning that can make a difference in your own business and in your own life. 425-780-6872

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