Friday, September 3, 2010

Feeling How Great Multi-day Virtual Conference & Trade Shows Will Be...and "Green" Too!

What I am buzzing about this morning ... is the day when folks finally "connect the dots" and that light bulb upstairs finally comes on regarding moving forward to do multi-day conferences and trade shows completely online ...and they finally grasp the phenomenal...multiple "green" advantages of this. In the past when I have spoken to people about this.. and have I gotten that good 'ole vacuous "Northwest Nice" smile ...I could almost hear folks quietly thinking inside, "This guy must be nuts!" 

Even some of my Facebooking environmentalist friends putting on expensive physical world "green" conferences and trade shows...with huge carbon footprints...still don't get it. But because I am resonating more positively about all this now...even the "challenges" (opportunities in disguise)'s how it all will work:
  • Virtual Auditorium - After folks have pre-paid online for this multiple day event, they login over a secure broadband Internet connection to a virtual auditorium that has up to 1000 physical world end-points. Several people can be sitting around a table at one end point so thousands of people could remotely participate.

    This is a "big-reach", "learning-rich" capability where local and regional, and even national and international people can almost instantly "get there"... and "get back"...just by using the "virtual transportation" to this "virtual architecture"... spending not one cent.. and with zero carbon footprint. Content-wise, the audience can see live streamed presenters speak and push their slides.. and get blown away by awesome affordable web television pieces hosted on YouTube..produced by us and other. The audio comes through earphones and if you want to ask a question, you can use the chat box or dial in to a telephone conference call.

  • Remote Participants - What's really cool is that all the participants - the speakers, the subject matter experts, the exhibitors can log in from virtually both the communications and the learning can be world-class. Log in from home, from work, or from your favorite espresso cafe while sipping your latte and munching on that scone.

  • Breakout Sessions - Just like in a physical world conference, people can go to concurrently held break-out sessions which are web seminars. Presenters are also virtual present using "video presence" via their webcam and have all be trained to be "power" presenters... and learning facilitators... leveraging even the power of the new web television that can now be produce with high quality but at low cost.

  • Virtual Trade Show Floor - Via your web browser and after viewing a playlist of videos promoting exhibitors with their booth numbers, you can then find the number of the booth you'd like to visit.. and after clicking on it... find yourself logged into an exhibitor "booth" session.

  • Virtual Exhibitors - Although all exhibitors have all paid for their booth space (e.g. and their web conferencing license) well ahead of time, they are still grinning from ear-to-ear because of the way that the quality of their lives has now changed.... now that the old days of being a "road warrior" and doing countless "road shows" is now over. They are also grinning from all the travel expenses and airport hassles that they no longer have...and all the new business that opened up as an outcome of meeting online and socially networking, before, during, and after the event.

  • About the technology - What's truly amazing is that the technology for all this exists today...web conferencing.. web television.. and website architetures.. The only thing that been missing.. has been the "secret sauce".... the value innovation...needed to bring this all together.. in new synergy..which is where I and my brave little communications consulting and e-learning firm, New World Communications comes in. Working closely with you.. we can SOAR.. doing this.
Think about it... and more importantly... feel how great you are going to feel when you and members of your organization.. experience all that new "green" in your bank the same time that you all have helped "refresh" the world with a fresh new approach to doing business. Call me and let's feel this together... and have multiple day virtual conferencing and virtual trade actually happen... by having us help you "walk the walk".

Virtual conferences and virtual trade shows can be done in a mere fraction of the cost of physical world trade shows...and in mere fraction of the time. Call me and we can work out the details. 1.425.780.6872

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