Sunday, September 5, 2010

Television is Now Everywhere... Let's Produce it... Ourselves

This morning I woke up with television on my mind, probably because my wife and I had just had dinner with old friends who are still over at KCTS public television where I used to work. That was more than ten years ago.

That was the time when the only people who could do television  and who were "television literate" were at television stations, and the equipment that was most exciting, most exotic,  most inaccessible and most daunting to use was HDTV. Of course, some people could go to public access cable television, even then, but the equipment was expensive, technically daunting and not all that "accessible"..and most definitely not HD. Back in the day I actually designed and supplied those kinds of systems.. to cable companies!

But to now we were last night sitting around the kitchen table taking a look my friend's gorgeous new ultra-compact low-cost point-and-shoot still camera... that oh by the way.. also records HD video....So also does the new Apple iPod Touch that came out a few days ago..."Television" is now everywhere...or at least the technology to produce it is.

So let's produce quality television ourselves... and further raise our consciousness I say. Let's learn how to do that, so that we can tell and spin our own stories, and frame the world... in our own best interests and from our own points-of-view... rather than by someone else' make this world of ours more just, more inclusive and even more Democratic. Just stop for a second and contemplate...better yet... feeeel... the power of that.

It's not only new low cost technology that is amazing...but what's also amazing is the fact that the Internet itself is a way bigger and network than the cable television and broadcast television that we have historically allow ourselves to continue to be dominated, mesmerized...and sometimes get awed by. 

So now, instead of being glued to the boob tube to get the news... we can make the news ourselves. As we get better at this ourselves we can also create a critical mass of viewers that can transform even public television and also will have  more advertisers and more sponsors follow. That is what already is happening and why social media and YouTube is "free"...because it's all those targeted viewers, and all those Facebookers..that define themselves by their choices...  that advertisers and sponsors love to reach.

We just need to wake up and stop being "brain dead" ... The new television is now a real, "net-new" opportunity to be seized... including even creating your own television "channel" right on our own website, and the first program that people watch ...could be a powerful web television piece about your own product/service offering or social cause. Television can also be used to educate, and to empower. Done right it can even transform educational systems both public as well as private. Wake up and observe what is already happening in the learning marketplace with charter schools, and the explosion of online schools also eligible for public funds.... the entire economic, political and social landscape is now changing. 

Call me...and let's talk about producing some television that moves your business forward and that also can change the world. I come out of television and know how to do this. 425-780-6872

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