Monday, September 27, 2010

Jaycut - Free Online Video Editor will Help Fuel the Google TV Explosion

This morning, still resonating with the Google TV announcement (..see my New World Television Channel page and "What is Google TV?") and just for fun I decided to search Google for free online video editors... and BINGO the search returned, an online application that lets you edit your videos online... for FREE...without even having to pay a cent! All the basic features are there, video layers, transitions, audio, titles and instant rendering, so it's yet another way to do more complex projects than just creating a plain video "mix" with Flipshare software that comes with the Flip. 

I have a project coming up where I can have my clients use this if they need to.. even though I didn't have budget for editing software. Nice!... and right on time too! I also intend to watch the folks from closely. They really are software application designers and developers who even have a free API that even let's you host their application in custom developed web applications, and I wouldn't be surprised if this video editing software "engine" didn't also go mobile at some point in time. 

Of course its not a Final Cut on a Mac or an Adobe Premiere Pro type editor (on a PC) but the higher cost of these local installable applications have been barriers to a larger, explosive new marketplace that is rapidly becoming more and more television literate. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 also is a great choice but it will set you back for about $130 and you'll have to upgrade your laptop's memory to get it work right  

Wow is this television... revolution something... Already YouTubers can create their own playlist and web television channels, and new Google TV..released first via the DISH Network as on option, will put your television channel even on HDTV screens. See my blog about it. 

Wow, is it great to continue to grow with new developments in television.. in our now 21st century world. I have been in television systems and programming before some of my younger clients were even born. It's nice to have the long view and to be able to seize the new television in a strategic way. Call me if you'd like to know more about how you can use it too to phenomenally grow your business - 425-780-6872

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