Friday, September 10, 2010

A Practical Strategy that Applies to All of Us: Go For the Lowest Hanging Fruit

What's going on mind after connecting with my friends, my colleagues...and most importantly... myself this week... is our need to all be more practical... keeping things simpler.. with respect to our own business development strategy. What I am talking about is our "scary smart" tendency to focus our attention on going after complex longer term opportunities that take a longer time to hatch, while not paying much attention to more immediate and simpler, fruitful "lower hanging" opportunities that can get us where we need to go sooner...financially and good feeling-wise. Here are some of them:
  • Confer with a friend, colleague, consultant or coach: People whose opinions and perspectives you trust can provide you with fresh insight about not missing more immediate "lower hanging fruit".. that you might not be aware of.  Wow, can this save you a lot of time, money, energy and frustration... especially if for some reason you feel "blocked" and could use some coaching and business advising that can help you "unblock" feel good-wise, energy flow-wise, and most importantly productivity wise. Maybe a little tweaking on your consultive selling skills could help.

  • Do a Business Facelift and MakeOver: This can start by re-thinking and upgrading your website...but at much deeper level, this can be about re-thinking your whole business strategy and about building your "brand" - e.g. what people think and feel about you when ever your name or business is mentioned. Does your tagline make anyone else besides you?  Deciding to do website upgrade is typically a "low hanging fruit" because it's much easier to deal with emotionally than "strategic planning"...but then Voila! you then discover that you've actually been engaging in strategic business planning...even to have your website make sense and get finished...and without "analysis paralysis"...Nice!!

  • Leverage the Power of the New "Television": What I am talking about is not "old-think" television done the old cost-prohibitive, inaccessible, technologically complicated way... but "new think" web television using low cost, almost no cost radically new technology that I and other early adopters have been pioneering that potentially has phenomenal business development power...once you develop the literacy and skill sets to leverage it. See my other blogs about this.

  • "Walk the Walk" Using More Next-generation Web Conferencing - This, when used in conjunction with new television programming that we are developing is also "low hanging fruit" that shoot your business forward if you use it in quality-assurable steps from virtualizing physical meetings and doing virtual-only e-meetings and webinars to participating in highly lucrative big-reach, and learning-rich multi-day virtual conferences...which themselves will become "low hanging fruit" once working with web conferencing and web television becomes a "no-brainer"... helping you take on even the most complicated of long-term projects as well. 
It also starts with getting some help with identifying the lowest hanging fruit yourself. Call me and I'd be glad to help you get started with that. 425-780-6872.

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