Thursday, September 23, 2010

Google TV...The Experience is Almost Like Having an Epiphany

Today is an afternoon publish ... after allowing more time... to have powerful ideas come tumbling forth as an outcome of deep contemplation of the phenomenal implications of the new Google TV.

Here's a nice little exercise and experiment to try. Watch this little well-crafted two minute and 21 second video ... What is Google TV?.. with nice female voice...on my New World Television Channel page... and then try to go about business as usual.. Then watch what comes tumbling forth to the foreground of your consciousness... in a few days.

For me personally, the experience because of my television systems and programming close to having an epiphany ...close to my intellectual and spiritual core... as a communicator... as a educator... and most importantly as a living breathing 21st century... human being. Google's bringing Web to TV and TV to the such an elegantly simple way...completely changes "The Game" ...for me in my ability to serve multiple audiences from the smallest micro-business... to the largest nation-state.

And shared with other, minds, and hearts...and can positively change the a marvelously powerful and joyous way. That's all I can say about this experience for now. What, after viewing this video.. comes forward for you... in a few days after trying this little experiment? Call me and let's connect. The entire world has already changed for me personally...resonating positively...thinking about... and now working with this stuff. 425-780-6872.


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