Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Waiting for Superman" Film - Media can both "Instructive"...as well as "Prescriptive"

This morning after getting an e-mail from a friend and colleague about the new film, "Waiting for Superman" and watching how it is being promoted to raise national conversation about public education systems failure, I am elated to experience the wisdom, skill, good, and money behind the "Waiting for Superman" social change initiative. Here is a fine example where love for all the nation's children can fuel enough energy, momentum, support and resources to fund a mission-critical project like this. 

Media done this way can be both "instructive" as well as "prescriptive" ...raising consciousness and both the depth and breadth of the conversation about fixing public education to a national level. Great film can do that, getting us all to something about things that we deeply care about... the education of our children. I actually work with a social services agency and educational program that works with children from public school systems who are regularly suspended and expelled  each October, after these failing public school systems have included them in their "headcount" ...so that this public school district can get paid fully ...for not serving them well. This is criminal...yet is failed students who are criminally charged.. often times for the smallest behavioral issue..who are given the criminal label.. and increasingly taught to become actual criminals.  

As a media professional, I would use my craft rather flow my energy into positive ways to change routinely "criminal" institutions practices such as these, rather than flow and attract even more negative energy, especially when there are front-running progressive educators who are now modeling positive alternative educational strategies to learn about and to learn from..that most folks don't even know about Wow, does that very idea make me feel good as I experience folks involved with Waiting for Superman taking this higher ground approach.

Now all what I want to do even more is to create and tell more positive stories like these that can further change the world, and leveraging group viewing of this movie to get some local momentum going. Nice! Call me and let's connect if what you are learning from the Waiting for Superman experience is also now motivating you. 425-780-6872.

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