Saturday, September 4, 2010

What is Your Secret Secret Sauce?

This morning what's on my mind is the amazing journey that I continue to be on as I discover my "secret sauce" and leverage my unique core essence as a communications and learning consultant. Yesterday, certainly was no exception. Now that I have been learning to "flow" my energy, I decided to try it out by meeting with one of my more challenging clients and re-connecting with him on a more positive and productive basis to finally move forward with providing his company with a better and more vibrant website.

It would be no easy task. At first, the conversation and the meeting went well. We updated each other on what had been going in our lives and where we both were now. I then showed my client some across the board the progress I have been making by "Going Google" and how delightful the experience has been for me... but then when I focused on him and his business and addressing his own website, I could start to feel my client's low energy flow and resistance kick in.. The negative energy flow was so strong, I had to check with my own feelings. Instead of feeling good, I got a "red flag" of frustration and exasperation which told me that I needed to be more aware of my own emotions than his. 

Luckily however, I was able to catch myself and was able to "flip-switch" to a higher and more positive frequency by feeling more positive even about this situation, a situation where my client ....absolutely would not allow himself to visualize anything that would make his life or his business better... website upgrade included. And so what I did was to just lean back and get quiet for a moment and look inside my own self to get back to a Feel Good place for myself.. telling myself to not say another word, not until I felt better and could feel more inspired and be more positive and supportive myself.

Unfortunately, our time together ran out and we parted without resolution, but the amazing gift that I got after feeling what happened, however, was to think about "The Secret" that I am tapping into. It now has the potential of really helping me and my client.. even in situations of low energy and resistance. Nice thought ...but my own feelings needed to be ramped up quite a few notches to fuel that thought. So my journey took the form of me deciding to go to a Vietnamese market to get some fresh green vegetables to go with dinner at home with my wife. Just the thought of nourishing my body this way made me feel better.

At the Vietnamese market, I looked at my fresh green Baby Bock Choy.. all packaged so nicely and it made me Feel Good... so my positive energy valve continued to open up even wider. Then my energy flowed me right over to the aisle where were all those delightful sauces were....and BINGO! ..there was my favorite little jar of hot chili sauce with garlic in it that I had run out of. I put it on my chicken and it spices up my life.

Then this morning, what I had been looking for to write about this morning's blog post...miraculously...came to was my "secret sauce" ...the added value... that is missing in most technology implementations...and that is what I can uniquely provide. It's the Feel Good that I can flow into them that can have my client, his staff and all of his existing and prospective clients all feeling good. What an "Ah-Ha!" moment. Rather than trying to continue to do my "High Ho  Silver" with these and other clients.. attracting even more resistance... let me just buzz...and "flow" some more Feel Good... energy their way...and more business will be on its way... 

So then I went to Google Images and looked for a image to go with the concept of "Secret Sauce".. and BINGO! ...Who is waiting for me but President Obama himself holding his own bottle of "secret sauce".. letting me know that miracles ... await those who only need to pay attention. That's what Obama's "secret sauce" is too... it's his value innovation... that allows him to work his own set of miracles. Wow, do I feel great this morning! Call me and let's connect and talk about you discovering your own "secret sauce." 1.425.780.6872

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