Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need More Funds? Work with Us to Use the New Web Television to Fund-raise and Develop Donors

This morning non-profit organizations and their need to raise more funds and develop donors is on my mind. The new web television designed, and produced to make your case and spin your stories can most definitely make the difference, helping not-for profit organizations develop capacity and in a number of ways. We combine web television programming that we produce with state-of-the-art web conferencing to help not-for profit organizations develop their business in quality assurable steps:

  • Step One - Virtualize meetings. This can also allow board members to remotely attend if they are out of town. This uses web conferencing, and the web television can be rolled into meeting sessions.

  • Step Two - Leverage the Power of the New World Television - We can create a web television channel on your website as well as produce television that hosts on YouTube and that is shared in social media.. and that goes all the way to mobile devices and even to HDTV screens using new Google TV technology.

  • Step Three - Engage the World in a Series of Critical Conversations...about your cause... Use the web television and the web conferencing to do them. The same technology can even be used for doing virtual focus groups.

  • Step Four - Develop a Remote Consulting and E-Learning Practice that utilizes web television ...along with state-of-the-art web conferencing that we can also provide and support.

  • Step Five - Leverage the Power of the New Web Television in Multi-day Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows that we can also put on... to phenomenally grow your business.
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