Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving Forward with A More Powerful Web Presence, Web Television and Web Conferencing Can Be Like Getting Gifts From Heaven

What's in my mind this morning.... is how so many challenges ...  in so many areas can now be addressed in key areas of the marketplace - 1) reforming K-12 education, 2) small business development, 3) economic development, 4) sustainable business development ....supported by the innovative application of the following a new world communications "landscape" :
  • Newer web part of well designed marketing communications ... learning...and community mobilization campaigns - There are now newer approaches that can deliver way  more value and cost way less than developing websites the old way. An innovative social media strategy...and a well-done, affordable campaign strategy can be way less expensive...and effective than paying for special Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultants.

  • The New Web Television - Never before in world history is it possible to change the world by leveraging the power of the new web television today... to communicate.. to train.. and to transform entire systems...revitalizing.. entire communities.  It is now even possible to develop and program your own television "channel"... even multiple ones. The new web television can even be "rolled" into to next-generation virtual meetings, training sessions, and full-blow multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows... It can also go to mobile devices and HDTV screens.

  • Next-generation web conferencing...and virtual events - When combined with innovative application of newer web architectures and the New Web Television... as part of a "green" communications and learning platform ...and approach it is now possible to develop and deliver big-reach, learning-rich communications to local, regional, and national stakeholders... capable of transforming the world.
Moving forward with a more powerful presence, web television and web conferencing... all intelligently applied to develop people and organizations and ... to change the world... can be like receiving gifts from heaven. Here's an excellent question to think about...and to address: 

Why remain "stuck" and frustrated in an older-think, non-productive "carbon-intensive" economy...going nowhere... and no longer able to sustain itself ...when there are now "net-new" ways to move business a new world 21st century communications landscape... that is potentially way more productive.. way more sustainable...and way more fun...even joyous.. once you experience how much better things can be?

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