Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ustream Producer Virtual Television Studio - Now that the Tools are Are Here... Where is the Consciousness?

What's on my mind this morning are all of the marvelous things that community-based stakeholders can do... leveraging the power of the new television.... developing sustainable business in a 21st century world...once they stop moaning about "older-think"  public access cable TV facility budgets being cut...and once they get hip to new more powerful ways to do live and recorded studio-type television... virtually... and at far lower cost... and with  lower carbon footprint than the old way. 

Ustream Producer Pro, for instance is a downloadable virtual multi-cam studio desktop application that allows multiple content originators to do high-quality television on the web for a one time cost of only $199. See background info about them on WikiPedia. See their info page and their presentation.  Individual web television content orginators can even webcast from the site for free. Here is some of  what Ustream Producer Pro can least technology-wise:
  • Supports an unlimited number of cameras... Wow!... Think of putting together a ''grassroots" CNN
  • Allows importing movies and audio ... another awesome capability. 
  • Enables unlimited transitions
  • Provides screen capture feature
  • Allows you to use overlays, layers, and add titles ... like the broadcasters do.
  • Support for HDV source
  • SD/HD bitrate support
  • Includes 7 encoding presets, including HD
  • Ability to save to server in same bitstream
  • Support customizable picture-in-picture
What can be done with this technology direction..people-wise... and program series-wise is another whole story...with chapters still to be written.... positively I hope... once other friends, colleagues, prospective clients... business advertisers and angel investors... understand the phenomenal opportunity of leveraging the power of the new television... to change the a positive way...and within our lifetimes...with some really powerful and innovative... prime-time grassroots television...that the entire world is going to write home about.

Call me and let's connect about moving forward with this stuff... that is ...if you are not already "brain-dead" by watching too much of the wrong kind of television...stuff that enslaves by its numbing effects rather than a new world television that empowers and inspires..."refreshing everything"...which is what I'm about...and it doesn't necessarily have to do with endorsing Pepsi...though that also could be a possibility.  425-780-6872.

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