Saturday, November 6, 2010

Five New Ways to Create Net New Revenue for Government Workforce Training Operations

This morning I am thinking about a nice set of meetings I had yesterday, right after the election with two of my best government clients interested is exploring new ways to create "net new" revenue for their workforce training operations...even in spite of budgetary shortfalls and failed propositions that would have raised taxes. Wow, was I fortunate that they would even talk to me, but the fact that I had already helped their businesses by using the new seize new opportunity bought me a little credibility that I was able to leverage.

Here then are five timely new ways...or "steps" for creating net new revenue streams for government workforce training operations ...even in spite of tax-based revenue shortfalls and failed propositions to raise taxes:

  1. "Virtualize" all those physical world meetings: Consider adding affordable web conferencing and new low cost, almost no-cost web television to "virtualize" all those physical world meetings for phenomenal advantage ...and taking nothing away. Instead of just projecting local Powerpoint presentations, you project the live web conferencing session on the wall.. and allow remote participants to also "get there" and "get back" ...almost instantly ...just by logging on and off.. and burning not one drop of gas... and adding not one micron of pollution or CO2 emission. People can even log in from home,  or from their favorite cafe with WiFi hotspot.

    The content of the meetings can be way better...because of the phenomenal business reach... local, regional, and national people can meet in the same virtual architecture...for way better collaboration... in way less time. Those newly-purchased smartboards are great for projecting a live conferencing session...right on the wall, still with all the great annotation capabilities... further leveraging investment in having remote presenter and participants also "be there" for additional advantage. Even web television... produced by us.. and by you can be rolled into these sessions... see next:

  2. Leverage the Power of the New Web Television: While others are using low-cost, almost no cost "video" technology for birthday parties, vacations, graduations and family events, we are using it to produce powerful web television programming designed to train and empower people ...and change the world. We come out of a television systems and public television programming and distance learning background and know how to produce and leverage television programming in a phenomenally powerful way that can move business forward.

    Think about it... television is in a class all by itself as a communications medium.. and distributed across the Internet...using the entire an Internet-work... in our hands this can be a marvelously powerful workforce training and re-training tool...even making physical training...way more effective...and fun...when we can "roll" in best practices web television that we can produce... and empower others to produce. Already we have even trained and empowered at-risk, court-involved youth on how to produce some of their own television-based learning content..with this stuff... authoring ..and spinning their stories...constructing their lives..and raising their consciousness.. in more positive ways. Adults can learn how to do this too.

  3. Engage Your Learning Community in a Series of Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Groups:  One of the big challenges of workforce training is information "siloing" and lack of collaborative communications between agencies. Web conferencing and web television are marvelous powerful resources for cost-effectively meeting with and collaborating with learning stakeholders... including prospective "trainees" themselves who can be a part of these online conversations ...providing input and feedback that can both inform as well as shape public and private policy.. This can also help inform and shape your training curriculum.. having it be on target...and better utilized.

  4. Create Additional Revenue By Developing a World-class Remote Consulting and E-learning Practice: If yours is already a model workforce training organization gaining local, regional, and national recognition in your field, then you should consider the ideas of training other agencies in other jurisdictions... and getting paid for it via highly lucrative contract consulting work delivered via the same 21st century green communications and learning platform that you have been using ...and developing your business with. Your professional development training offering, could also be world-class because of the phenomenal advantages of this big-reach, and potentially learning-rich capability. The world's very best local, regional, and even national subject matter experts, authors, trainers...even key political officials...can get there and get back...just by logging in and out..with zero travel cost... and with zero carbon footprint. Our approach... is instructionally-designed to get you ready for this. If you master steps 1-3, you'll be ready to take this step....and will have have even more resources to take an even more lucrative step... doing entire multi-day virtual conferences & virtual trade shows. See next.

  5. Convene Multi-day Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Shows - As you might suspect... as instructional designers and trainers ourselves... our approach is also instructionally-designed ..walking the walk.. in "steps"  that get you ready to even seize this lucrative new opportunity - convening your own highly lucrative multi-day virtual conferences & trade events ...that leverage what you have learned and mastered by taking steps 1-4 over time. 
What's important to note is that doing all of this ....costs way less ...and is way more sustainable than the way that most workforce training organizations are still attempting to do business now...and with less and less budget to do it...the same old conventional physical world only...way. So the "challenge"... really is the NEW OPPORTUNITY..if managers elect to use net new tools and strategies... and value innovation their "secret sauce" seize it... This is what we here at New World Communications are about and uniquely provide. For more information, let's connect and talk about moving forward with  these resources -  425-780-6872.

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