Monday, November 8, 2010

This "Economy": The Challenge Really is the Opportunity

This morning after watching President Obama last night on 60 Minutes skillfully and responsibly manage the challenges and the negativity being thrown at at him ...and experiencing his grace and elegance... and most importantly, his sense of hope and resolve.. and how he flowed positive energy in a humble but strong way...even as he responded to his attacks... it made me think about this "Economy".. all over again... and what the challenge and the opportunity is as exhibited by Oback's remarkable leadership and sense of humanity. I then searched for an image on Google Images that communicated the spirit of this.. and BINGO...the Universe again responded.. This leaping goldfish ...transcending his crowded situation..says it all...President Obama is like that goldfish... and remains an inspiration to me. 

What President Obama continues to teach us.. is that "The Challenge"... really is THE OPPORTUNITY. Here's what I mean
  • Seeing the Economy for what it is... a "crisis in confidence"... but get the sequence right...understanding and leveraging the Law of Attraction. Putting out a lot of negative energy because of our lack of confidence... only puts our more lack of confidence not "The Economy"...which really is only a state of mind... our "crisis of confidence" ...gets worse.. not better.

  • Instead of being a "victim" of  basically bad vibes that attract more bad vibes... Tea Partyers ....ignorant, knee-jerk folk like Sarah Palin are issuing in and enjoying a temporary reign of ignorance that momentarily makes them feel proud, but actually this is very bad for our country ...because it's only negative energy that they are putting out that begets more negative energy.. and lack of confidence... "The Economy" is basically a state of mind... and an energy field...if more negative energy is flowing than positive... then.. that's what you get.

    President Obama on other hand, for me personally, especially when the I see the way he responds, recover and move forward is still my shining star,  a positive change agent... just "learning" from the experience... and transcending it as the resourceful, intelligent and caring human being that he is....exuding confident, positive energy, ultimately and infinitely more powerful than that sea of ugly disgruntled faces...contorted by the their own ignorance that has nothing substantive to offer.

  • President Obama said it last night on 60 Minutes, even while we was being attacked on the show. The economy in fact was tanking...before he even came into office, as the result of years of unregulated economic speculation allowed by, condoned by, a Republican-led administration that promoted this unregulated...unbridled... speculation that brought about the crisis. Much of the speculation was in fact...criminal in nature...with circles of speculators flipping houses buying low and selling high, and selling awful financial products, variable interest rate mortgages and second mortgages that put people under water. Listen to folks This American Life and the story NPR's Planet Money did about, "Toxie" the "toxic asset" they purchased.. to learn about. Their story about "Toxie" is excellent journalism.

    The banks that bought the paper which became "toxic" assets were all part of this agenda as well... an agenda which created a "crisis" of their brand of Capitalism that they so loved and cherished. It was then the banks that used their influence to have the government bail them with TARP under outgoing President George W. Bush. Obama did what he could with his team to execute TARP and actually repayment... at least on the part of the larger banks..under Obama's adminstration has proceeded quite well.

  • The OPPORTUNITY then squarely has to do with COMMUNICATIONS and LEARNING and  how to create and construct our world in a way that makes more sense and that is more enlightened then what is fed us by corporate-owned networks. What's really new now is how the power of new Internet and World Wide Web tools & strategies can ...especially web television... web conferencing... and social medial... now be innovatively leveraged to create more confidence first...through enlightened communications and learning... and then have a developing, recovering economy follow... that even transcends party lines.  Notice the sequence here that adheres to the Laws of Attraction... exuding confidence first... attracting more positive energy... and flowing that energy into positive change... that builds even more confidence.. getting people spending and creating jobs... and wealth again...that is more authentic.. honest and helpful.

    We here at New World Communications realize that this will take time... but we intend to do this in "Steps" that add and leverage a virtual world toolset and that cultivate a hybrid world mind set. See what we are already beginning to bring to our plate for November 2010...for one of the best Thanksgivings yet.  I welcome any and all comments, let's connect human beings and transcend the partisan politics fixing this economy and not making things worse  with our own bad vibes. 1-425-780-6872.

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