Friday, November 5, 2010

New World Communications Documents Day Long Domestic Violence Conference

This morning after uploading all forty clips...covering about three hours... I am thinking about the marvelous and thoughtful community-based  domestic conference that I recently attended down in Tacoma and how great the new web television is for capturing and sharing important events like this. Television is a powerful medium in a class all by itself, and even more powerful when we can now produce and distribute it ...across the entire Internet...using new low-cost ... no cost technologies.

The first visionary speaker ...doing the evocation...citing the lesson of the Chilean miners...for our humanity..and challenging us to free our own "minds" ... is the honorable Dr. Maxine Mimms, founder of the Tacoma campus of Evergreen State College and more recently founder of the Maxine Mimms Academy, an institution that provides learning services to expelled and suspended youths. Experience how she brings all the conference participants together to focus on the issue of domestic violence.

The new television... web television... that goes all the way to mobile devices ...and soon even to HDTV screens is powerful new resource that can be intelligently applied to develop community and to change the world.  Call me and let's connect about what we can now do with the new television and other powerful communications and learning tools and strategies to build capacity and grow not-for-profit business - 425-780-6872

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