Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some More Amazing Web Television...About the Power of Web Television...for Driving Innovation and Learning

This sacred Sunday morning... I am again in bliss after watching, reflecting, and co-resonating the wonderful energy, passion and desire for a better world that TED speaker Chris Anderson speaks about when he talks about how web video is powering phenomenal innovation across the planet. Rather than being freaked about the prospect of nine billion people plundering the world, he instead resonates with positive passionate energy when talks about the power of web video to create excellence accelerated by crowds of people watching web television, learning from it, and then raising the bar by emulating lessons learned, and then innovating themselves on top of that. 

He calls the phenomenon "Crowd Accelerated Innovation" and the three core components or "dials" to have the innovation wheel turn is what the new web television phenomenon involves: 1) a crowd...or massive audience, 2) "light" shown on the the crowd through comments and viral sharing, and 3) a human desire to innovate and do it even better. With the web television phenomenon... all three dials are ramped up full tilt. 

Anderson also recognizes the impact that this phenomenon has had on web video-based TED Talks themselves. Each consecutive speaker gets better, driven by lessons learned from other speakers and by a passion to be as good as or better than previous speakers. So now their next move is to expand and accelerate the learning by adopting "radical openess",  having members of "the crowd" author their own TED X ...extended content to have even more excellence..."bubble up" by people watching, emulating and innovating ..sitting two feet away from the best teachers in the world...individuals from "the crowd" that members of the The Crowd are already shining light upon... Even as stodgy old institutions with awful teachers are not serving their students well, students empowered by the new television can still learn from community-authored pedagogy and he gives us several marvelous best practice examples of this, leaving the best for last. Christopher Makau from Kibera, the African continent's largest slum. This brought tears of joy to my eyes as he provides a glimpse of some his accomplishments and as he proudly proclaims that "Kibera is a hot bed of innovation."

This is an exciting and passionate time to be alive as community-based content the light of a world audience that is now self-fueled for dynamic radical innovation in a now 21st century world where 80 million hours of YouTube video are being watched each and everyday that's not all "puppies and porn." Let's connect if you too are being moved by the new world television phenomenon. 425-780-6872


  1. Art, you must be looking at my FB wall.
    I posted this back in September. :)

    Like minds think alike.
    Let's get together and strategize!

  2. Actually what I think going on is synchronicity ... actively at work the world.. the Universe itself is responding... in Divine Presence... to positive energy now resonating from many of us at relatively close times... as the planets also come into alignment.