Friday, November 26, 2010

Success is in The Cloud...If You Work With Us To Help You Connect The Dots

This morning on Black Friday, instead of spending money, I decided to write about how I can help my clients make more of  it ... enjoying more success by creating it "In The Cloud"... over the Internet..using robust but affordable web-based applications & strategies..including even mobile devices. Right now, many folks are still crying the blues over "The Economy", but quite frankly it is their own attitude and mindset that is the real problem that is making matters worse. See my post about the choices we make...and the energy we flow into them.

As creatures of habit, folks are still working way too hard still trying to do business the same old tired physical world world way...getting frustrated... and then resonating even more negative energy...and you know what that attracts.. even more negative energy.. and even longer economic recovery. On the other hand, with just the right help navigating the new world communications landscape... they could be well on their way to being way more successful and a lot more happy. Here's how:

There are two pieces to this: 1) The first piece involves helping them understand that "success is in the cloud" and what's in this for them, and 2) the second piece involves using my background, experience, skillsets and positive energy flow to help them "connect-the-dots", so that they can start being happier... right now as they move forward saving time, and money by working more strategically :
  1. Strategic Planning: This is a disciplined approach that can help you get clear about where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there by using new communications and learning tools & strategies...with a new "hybrid" world  mindset...cultivated over time.. That's what my "connecting the dots" is all about.

  2. Google Applications: If you aren't already using free virtual applications from Google, you run the risk of either losing all your data via local hard drive, or office file server failure, or you are paying too much for remote backup services. You are also spending more time and money than you need to working with local applications and local documents that make updating, document sharing, and collaborative work with strategic business partners more problematic than it needs to be.

  3. Google Site: If you still don't have Google Site, you are paying way too much in time, money, with more costly updating administrative hassles than you have to. I am not paying one cent for my web hosting and my domain name only costs $10 a year. I also don't have to pay anyone else to update my website when I need to make changes. See my own website... developed with new Google website architecture...and see the advanced communications and learning functionality - ...I "walk the walk" myself.

  4. Virtual Meeting Room: If you can meet with people "inside" your website...using next generation "green" web conferencing... you can phenomenally extend your business reach...without spending one cent on gas and without adding one micron of pollution or CO2 emission. By working with us we can even having you "virtualizing" physical world meetings... making in more convenient for board members or strategic business instantly "get there" and "get back"... and even meeting "face-to-face" using now low cost web conferencing technologies. This capability can also be used for remote consulting, e-learning and for multi-day virtual conferences and trade shows. See my own New World Virtual Meeting Room

  5. Television Channel: The new television technology, with the right help, can be phenomenally powerful when practically applied to develop sustainable business in a 21st century world, especially for smaller businesses and non-profits who have not yet been empowered to leverage this radically new resource. The possibilities are virtually limitless and soon your own web-based television "channel" can even show up on home HDTV screens using new Google TV and other newly-emergent "smart television" technology. See my own New World Television Channel...on my website and my web television-based NWC Overview 2010. Also see What is Google TV? and surf some of the other content that I have programmed there.

  6. Critical Conversations:  If your agenda is to frame and facilitate the conversation about key topics of interest and concern between stakeholders and strategic business partners, you can do this sooner and more powerfully if you use next generation web conferencing, real-time webcasting, and well-designed web television programming to do extending you business reach and mobilize your stakeholders..virtually. What conversations would you like to frame? Talk to me about doing series of critical conversations.

  7. Virtual Focus Groups: If you are not in touch with what people want and need in the way of product/service offering, and public and private policy, we can use multiple intelligent tools and innovative strategies to help you gain focus online... at a mere fraction of the cost and in a mere fraction of the time of doing physical world focus groups. Talk me about how to do these.

  8. Remote Consulting: We can work with you to create whole "net new" streams of revenue by creating a world-class remote consulting practice, using the world's very best, local, regional, national and even international subject matter experts. This consulting can even be "face-to-face" on a 1:1 basis or on a group basis using multiple webcams. Some remote consulting can even been in using new 3D immersive real-time multiple venues.. that we have been working with.

  9. Virtual Learning: We can help you and others learn and get empowered, and moving your forward by doing learning virtually. We are front-running instructional designers... as well as new world communicators who can leverage the power of multiple  and design a complete rich-media curriculum, or work with you to put your training or tutorials for customers online. We can do virtual learning across an entire enterprise... or public school system... to facilitate broad-based social change and educational reform.

  10. Virtual Fundraising: There are now more opportunities to fund-raise and develop donors then you as a development director may realize that can mesh well with tried-and-true physical world approaches that you are already taking, especially when combined with the new web television, social media, and the "secret sauce" of value innovation that we can uniquely provide. See my recent blog about this.

  11.  Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows: Once people and organizations get comfortable using the tools ...and "Walking The Walk" we can even help them move forward by helping convene entire multi-day virtual conferences & trade shows... done at  mere fraction of the cost of physical world conferences and trade shows and in a mere fraction of the time...with phenomenally greater business reach... and with zero carbon footprint. Even so-called "green" business owners and city-run offices of economic development have sometime new to learn, master, and take advantage of.. and we can help them with that. See my blog about this.
All that folks need to learn how to do is "connect the dots"... and we can help them with that. If you are not already taking advantage of the above-mentioned tools and strategies to move business forward, call us today and we can help you get started. 425-780-6872.

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