Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Telestream's Wirecast 4 - Turns your computer into a TV studio

This morning, celebrating all things that I am grateful for..right before Thanksgiving, I celebrate my continuing journey across a new world communications landscape that prominently includes authoring one's own television programming in it..and even webcasting some of it "live". Wirecast 4 from is one such product that can turn your computer into a "live" TV studio.  See their video overview.

Wirecast 4 is desktop software ($449) that can add a lot of high-end production value to a desktop presentation by allowing you to set up "shots" with composited elements in them like title overlays, etc in preview. You can then "go live" with them...pushing them to a streaming webcasting service like,, or  Their higher-end version Wirecast 4 Pro ($995) even has virtual 3D sets, and chroma keying capability with remote IP camera switching, for more complex live simulcast events and can handle more demanding HD feeds. 

Folks at are also in the transcoding business and can convert content in Windows Media, Quicktime, and Flash formats, depending on the needs of the end-user and the kind of viewing device used. Also see my previous post about WireCast 4 can feed to Ustream, if you need fancier production values than those provided by Ustream Producer ($0) or Ustream Producer Pro ($199 one-time fee.), but is good lower cost place to start. 

If however  you or your organization ever get to level of web television sophistication demanded more system capability. what's nice is the fact the folks at Telestream also have a full Enterprise Product line with awesome products engineered to work together that can help you scale. At the same time, their Wirecast 4 basic version and their excellent tutorial helps even the novice television person started. They even provide helpful advise of about lighting set decently and about using decent audio. 

Wow, am I feeling grateful going into this Thanksgiving in 2010...and already beginning to consult with some of my existing clients about leveraging the power of the new television to move business phenomenally forward. It's nice to have a television systems and programming background and to "fast-forward" that now. Call me and let's connect if you too are interested in seizing new television opportunities to develop sustainable business in our now 21st century world that are rapidly becoming part of a newly emergent new world communications landscape - 425-780-6872.

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