Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strategic Marketing in a 21st Century World...Business Can Be Way Better... When Your Horses Are All Pulling Together

This morning what's on my mind is strategic marketing in our now 21st century world ...and how much better business will be for my existing and prospective clients, once I help them add more "horses" to their marketing communications "mix" and get them all pulling together. The good news is that there is now a whole lot that can now be done marketing communications-wise The New World Communications Landscape... even on a shoestring budget... that can make business a whole lot better. 

Here are just some of the powerful new "horses" that can be "harnessed" to all pull a strategic marketing way....moving business phenomenally forward both for you as well as for your clients:
  • Web Presence - Most websites I see are old and and out of date with not much "sizzle" to them. Most people are not even aware that our technology-driven web presence marketplace has now radically changed,  or that more capability can now be had for less money spent. Browse our new website on developed with new Google architecture to get an idea of some of the newer possibilities. We can even have people meet and train with us..."inside" our website. What about yours? We also are not paying a dime for web hosting. How much are you still paying for yours? And if you are a non-profit, what is managing and developing donors costing you still not taking fullest advantage of new membership-based hosted web application architectures that can even manage tiered membership plans as well as be "extended"...with all the "goodies"...virtual learning and conference center, web television channel, Amazon-powered store, Google e-commerce, etc.

  • Television Channel - That's right.. "television" that we produce, program and distribute across the entire Internet using radically new and radically powerful low cost  but high quality video technology. See our New World Television Channel page on our own get an idea of where we are now going with the new web television and leveraging our television systems, programming, and distance learning background.

  • Blogging Campaign - Multiple stakeholders...including you are benefiting from mine already. Blogs are great for creating mindshare and search engines love our tags. Also the Google-owned technology we use (Blogger)...also easily sends my post to Facebook and to Twitter ..with just one click... See us on Facebook and on Twitter as well ..with very little extra effort.... Nice.

  • Virtualized Meetings -  Instead of crying the blues about declining memberships and loss of revenue, membership-based business associations and non-profits can phenomenally grow their memberships, raise funds and develop their donors... increasing their revenue ... by adding a virtual world toolset - e.g. affordable web conferencing, and low-cost almost no cost web television. See this recent blog I posted about this -  "Need to Grow Your Membership and Organization's Bank Account?...Start by Virtualizing Your meetings"

  • Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Groups - These same associations and organizations could be way more effective if they also "virtualized" their conversations about topics of mission-critical interest and used big reach, learning rich web conferencing and web television to do it. In this way, they could "frame the conversion", creating more mindshare, gaining more focus and influencing many more people in many more key places.. at home, at businesses, in public school systems, and in government... locally and regionally and even nationally and internationally.

  • Remote Consulting, E-Learning and Webinar Series - Most small business owners, not-for-profit, and government stakeholders I know could also phenomenally benefit from online coaching, remote consulting and various online training modalities that can be delivered via an innovatively architected and instructionally-designed approach. Development of a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice that offers online courses and workshops as part of a professional development curriculum can also add a "net new" streams of revenue. If implemented innovatively, the same green communications and learning platform can to utilized to do distance learning facilitating enterprise-wide systemic change - See my recent blog about this.

  • Virtual Conferences & Virtual Trade Shows - Fewer and fewer stakeholders have budget or time to travel to and participate in local, regional, and national conferences and trade shows. Using the same set of affordable web conferencing and web television...and value innovation.. as the "secret sauce" it is possible to do multi-day conferences and trade shows... completely online.... Integration with social media  e.g. Facebook, Twitter can still allow people to socially interact and connect. They can even do this face-to-face using webcams in special virtual lounges and chat rooms. For more info see my recent blog

  • Twitter Marketing - Twitter is one of the more recent mini-blogging technologies that few people I know are leveraging or taking fuller advantage of. This is because they have not yet learned how to leverage it. A webinar about leveraging Twitter, delivered by one of the nation's experts on Twitter could change that...performance-based training works!

  • Facebook Marketing - Facebook can be a professional time-waster if approach to it is not disciplined by a strategic marketing approach. Newer features such as new Facebook Groups however can filter out the time wasting content. Again a series of webinars about how to best take advantage of Facebook...without wasting so much time.. could do it.

  • Physical World Networking - Finally there is the strategic question about how to make the best use of time and resources networking with people... instead of wasting precious time and resources at countless physical world meetings where nothing meaningful happens. Again some strategic planning combined with some of your own strategic networking initiatives doing business casuals and saving money using coupons could better leverage your time and money, while moving business forward sooner... rather than later. There are also and opportunities worthy of consideration. 
The bad news is that most small businesses, non-profits, and government clients are still not taking fullest advantage of these resources, getting all these "horses" to pull together. The BEST NEWS, however, is that New World Communications has now arrived to help change all that.. and help you move forward in a most strategic, more cost-effective... and more joyously energetic and positive way. For more information, let's connect and talk about moving forward...together. Call me today a 425-780-6872 and let's get started. 

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