Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need to Grow Your Membership.. and Organization's Bank Account?... Start by "Virtualizing" Your Meetings

Remote participants and prospective new members can also
 "be there" too..using affordable web conferencing and
project the real-time session on the wall.

Are you a member of an organization that needs to grow its membership and bank account? Well then the good news is that in this now 21st century world a lot can be done using affordable next-generation web conferencing and low cost, almost no cost web television to do this. 

The way to start is by working with us to "virtualize your physical world meetings using an inexpensive web conferencing license  - e.g. your general membership meetings, your standing committee meetings, and your workshop, your outreach events and even your "meet-and-greets"  can all take advantage of the license, and if you use the built-in Internet audio and have your member call in with cellphones using  unlimited long calling plans ... there would be no minute-by-minute costs.

The cost for a special  enterprise-wide "green-metered" web conferencing annual license ...that your entire organization can use...starts at less $4 a day... less than what most of us here in Seattle spend for that "grande" fancy espresso drink... just on ourselves!

The formula is simple: Extended business reach + more quality communications = more members + more sponsors + more revenue.

The "secret sauce" to do this cost-effectively and successfully has to do with technical consulting, strategic planning and value innovation, which is what New World Communications uniquely provides. For more information, call us today and we can focus on the details. 1.425.780.6872

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