Thursday, November 18, 2010

Web Television and Social Media - Great Tools for Inspiring Achievement in Math & Science...Across the World

This morning I was sitting here in front my laptop... flowing my feelings and my energy about using the power of the new web television and new social media to make life better and wondering how to communicate that... when BINGO! after checking my e-mail from CurrentTV, I discovered youth video testimonials from the Connect-A-MillionMinds Project. Nice how the Universe responds...just by manifesting what I care about. The goal of the project is to use technology - web television and social media to connect up youth in top math & science performing countries with kids in other countries whose national math & science performance does not rank as high. 

This youths talk about their experiences within their culture and within the educational systems and they communicate a wealth of information and passion about what they are excited about.   Here are just a few "snippets" of various students comments from all over the world that Inspire the Next-Generation of Problem-Solvers on Evidently there also was a recent global online TownHall Meeting on the site with videos to follow. 

For me personally, both the CONTENT and the DELIVERY of this model project are most "instructive" for me and for other learning and ommunity-based economic development stakeholders I am in the process of reaching. and empowering. Now that the technology as well as innovative applications for it are here, what's next to do ... is for all of us to step up to plate to fund and do important projects like this ...ourselves.  See the content and then let's connect about this. 425-780-6872.

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