Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2010... Can Be Our Best Thanksgiving yet

This morning I am resonating with an attitude of gratitude ... as I think about ...and flow energy into all the ways that I and New World Communications can help people and organizations move their business powerfully and phenomenally forward, "Walking Through The Virtual Door" in quality-assurable "steps":
  • Step One - "Virtualizing" Physical World Meetings...and Potlucks - This uses a high-speed broadband Internet connection, web conferencing and web television... to spread the joy and allow others to potluck with us... in other cities... across the world...as we build relationships...learn about and support one another.... as other folks remotely log in and "be there" too... with zero carbon footprint.

  • Step Two -  Leveraging the Power of the New World Television... starting by creating a series of "channels" that we produce for and program. This television can stream from multiple websites all the way to mobile devices and HDTV television screens...using the entire Internet as an "Internet-work" to develop community, business ...and change the world.

  • Step Three - Engage the World in a series of Critical Conversations & Virtual Focus Groups - The same technology...with communications design can deliver a powerful series of webinars and virtual focus groups...designed to change the world... by mobilizing communications and by informing and shaping public and provide policy. These series of events also use the web conferencing and the web television and can be "virtualized"...or virtual-only.

  • Step Four - Develop a World Class Remote Consulting and E-learning Practice - This will employ and utilize the world's very best local, regional, national and international subject matter experts that I am in the process of outreaching to and developing personal and business relationships with. With this "smart team" of people... we can  continue to...change the world...but even faster and even more effectively...and joyously too.

  • Step Five - Annual Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows - With the same affordable, low-cost but scalable, high-quality resources and working with people and organizations who will be ready for these..after "walking the walk" themselves via steps 1-4 over time, we'll be ready to engage the entire world by doing numerous virtualized...and virtual only events... designed to make our world a better place to live...for multiple stakeholders...from many walks of life. Imagine how great...and how fun...these life-changing, and game-changing events will be! The energy developed and shared will fuel us ...charging our batteries... throughout the year...as well continue to snowball the positive energy...and great vibes as we develop community...and business across the planet as we go. 
Yes, November 2010 ... and continuing moving forward with these "steps" in a timely and mission-critical way...can be ... the best Thanksgiving yet... with much to feast upon, celebrate and toast to. Call me and let's connect if you like what we are now able to bring to the table... in a joyous and thankful way. 425-780-6972.


  1. Art,
    Well done. I love Thumbtac for tech info.
    The dessert missing is the fellowship such a blog will give us all.
    Thanks so much,

  2. Regina - You are so right ...the "dessert" is the fellowship of all us getting together over great food and conversation... Already I am thinking about my healthy black-eyed peas and colorful mixed greens contribution. Oprah is also even encouraging her fans to create their own web television channels...as part of her new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Nice.