Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The New World Communications Landscape: New Strategies & Tools to Move You Forward

This morning what's on my mind is how many small business owners, not-for-profit managers and government agency mangers and elected officials are needlessly stuck, still trying to the do business basically the same old expensive, unsustainable physical world way with the same old expensive carbon-intensive world toolsets and mindsets. Every day I hear them lamenting about how bad things are with "the  economy", scrambling and competing for dollars... with less and less success... when there is a whole new world communications landscape out there...chocked full of net-new opportunities waiting to be seized that could phenomenally improve their situations . Here are just a few of them:
  • Strategic communications planning for business development - Most small businesses and non-profits still have not developed a comprehensive online communications and learning strategy using multiple 21st century tools & strategies that leverages what they do in the physical world to generate "net new" revenue streams.

  • Web presence - It now possible to even meet with existing and prospective clients "inside" their websites and turn them into virtual learning and conference centers... greatly extending their business reach and improving their communications. Some web architectures are designed to manage tiered membership plans and a web television channel can even be added. Skills are also needed to instructionally-design the communications and the learning, but we here at New World Communications can provide that... as well as train others.

  • Television - Television is in a class all by itself as the world's most powerful communications medium. Streamed across the Internet and affordably produced and streamed using low-cost, almost no cost video technology... Quality television programming can now be produced that can phenomenally move business forward in a myriad of ways - to promote businesses and programs, train multiple stakeholders and develop whole communities ...even nation-states. Used in conjunction with next-generation web conferencing and applied to small business development and educational reform applications, the new web television can change the world... and with a background in both television systems, programming, and distance learning, we know how to do that.

  • Web conferencing - for e-meetings, collaborative work, collaborative fund-raising, and grants procurement, critical conversations, remote-consulting, and e-learning...This is an "ultra-green" big-reach capability that is potentially very "learning-rich" especially if it is used to develop a world-class remote consulting and e-learning practice capable of addressing the worlds many, many challenges.

  • Mobile Communications - Both the television and the e-learning are now finding their way to mobile devices from laptops to iPhones, Android phones, and other smart mobile devices and big players like Google, Apple, and telephony providers are all driving that. 
These reason why many if not most small business owners,  non-profit managers, and government agency managers still haven't ventured onto the new world communications landscape and taken advantage of it has to do with the fact that most folks still are not "familiar with the neighborhood". The still have not acquired the tools, strategies....and most importantly...the Mindset needed to move forward. This is a "mission-critical" issue. If owners and managers still don't know to leverage new tools & resources in pursuit of their mission with the right "hybrid" world Mindset ...that combines best practices from both physical and virtual worlds, then they still remain "stuck"...and miserable. 

This is why we here at New World Communications are also committed to "providing the mission-critical learning a new world needs"...in order to move forward...with more joy...and even more fun...as we help move business forward more sustainably. Hopefully my daily blogs can help make folks aware that there are new ways to work that are much more sustainable than the way that they keep trying to work. Wow is it this a great time be be alive, aware, and skilled... with just the kinds of resources that people and organizations need now. Call me and let's connect. By working together, we can help you take advantage of the New World Communications Landscape - 425-780-6872.

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