Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New World Television Landscape is Not a Sci Fi Landscape on Another Planet... Rather It Exists Right Here, Right Now

This morning I woke up with fresh new resolve about "tweaking" my messaging about the New World Television Landscape, letting folks know that it's not some futuristic Sci Fi landscape on other planet, but that it exists right now ....as an ultra-accessible...ultra-affordable... concrete reality right here on Mother Earth. The new world television piece to this, for example is being produced even by the world's poorest people. See my recent blog about it. 

So challenged communities right here in the U.S. no longer have any excuse...whatsoever... not to move forward ... leveraging the power of a new world television landscape to develop themselves educationally and economically, and addressing the world's most challenging problems.  It all has to with "Developing Sustainable Business in a Now 21st Century World". That's now become our own mantra these days and it applies virtually everywhere to virtually everything - e.g. reforming public education so all children can succeed, developing small business, transforming government, developing green business and making ours a better, safer, more human and more joyous world.  Here are some of the elements that now comprise The New World Communications Television Landscape:
  • Community-authored Programming - It can now be done even more effectively and powerfully than having to rely upon older-think government-controlled public access cable television facilities with outmoded technology... that costed more and did less. I ought to know... I designed and sold public access studios back in the day as a former broadcast/industrial system sales engineer...before the digital revolution. Now communities can produce and program their own television content using the entire Internet as an "Internet-Work"... reaching way more eyeballs than cable television. The advertising and sponsorship, and membership-based business development implications of the new  television are far reaching.

  • Low Cost Accessible Technology - The implications for social change using low cost television are phenomenal. Never before in the history of the world do even the most challenged communities have the opportunity to seize and leverage multiple technologies... particularly web television, web conferencing and social media to empower themselves and change the world. Even my second generation standard definition Flip Ultra camcorder that cost me $89 (a closeout price) can be used to produce some awesome television programming, and the newer model around $199 can even produce HD television and now has built-in image stabilization for even better quality when capturing movement.

  • "View-Podding" inside a Big-reach, Learning Rich Web Conferencing Session - If communities get organized they could even afford to develop their own Virtual Learning & Conference Center on their own membership-based websites. Members and prospective members could meet online to raise funds, and develop donors, inspired by the web television that they watch as a "pod" of people viewing it... "View-podding" is what we've been call it and what we have been pioneering.

  • "Virtualized" Global Meetings - using the same affordable technology its is now possible to have global meetings with local, regional, national and international stakeholders. Powerful new world television content can also be "rolled" into these online meeting sessions.

  • Internet Television and web conferencing even on HDTV screens - Communities can view their web television "channels" even on HDTV using new Google TV or SmartTV technologies. Stakeholders will also be able to web conference as well if they are licensed to do so.  The business develop implications are again far-reaching. 
To reiterate, "The New World Television Landscape" is not some future world scenario on another planet .... but rather it's a current world scenario... right here on Earth that's right now. Call  me and let's connect if you'd like to learn more about how by working together we can leverage it to develop sustainable business in our now 21st century world - 425-780-6872.

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