Sunday, October 31, 2010

The New Television and Social Change - The Best Recipes for Learning Will Come Out of Grassroots Communities Themselves

This morning I am resonating with joy about the new television and social change, as The Conversation with my friends, colleagues and allies about education, technology and community-based economic development both widens...and critically deepens.  The fact is that the best recipes for learning are now coming out of grassroots communities themselves the world over, and these home-grown recipes both acknowledge,  leverage and celebrate the indigenous genius of people in the community... including children and progressive community-based educators themselves. Technology ... the new web television and remote web conferencing specifically can help get the word out. 

Suguta Mitra working with his Hole in the Wall experiments is a shining example. See his remarkable presentation on TED showing how slum kids teach themselves even with less than ideal technology access. This is some important work. British educator Charles Leadbetter also is acknowledging where the best recipes for learning are coming from... from grass-roots educational initiatives..the world over. Also see his TED presentation about "Education Innovation in the Slums".

As important is the home-grown grassroots work that has been going on right here in Seattle's Puget Sound region... Why "Wait for Superman" and all the fancy legislative lobbying with push from the not-so-slick commercial charter schools industry... when we already have excellent home-grown recipes for learning ...that we can produce home-grown television about ...that we can write home about, further promote and further support?

That's the thought, the feeling, and most importantly... The Conversation... that I via my blog and other initiatives have been snowballing...and deepening. Wow! Look at how powerful the new web television is... and in our own conscious hands, it can be even more so.  Community-authored television and grassroots web conferencing ...done well... and combined with other forms of social media...can be the way to get the word out... garnering more momentum and support for important work already being done... and changing the world.  Call me if you are interested in seizing this opportunity as well. 1-425-780-6872

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