Friday, December 24, 2010

Talk to us About Net New Ways to Extend Your Business Reach and Do Business More Sustainably in 2011

With 2011 right around the corner, it is time to talk to us about "net new" ways to extend your business reach and do business more sustainably...that you have not taken advantage of yet. We can help you "Walk Through the Virtual Door" for phenomenal advantage...saving you time, money and with zero carbon footprint....Gas is already over $3 a gallon and is certain to go higher...and being stuck on traffic gridlock ..while paying high prices for travel and hotel, and convention center... while time ticks away ...and funds run out.... is a drag and makes no sense at all...not when you can now communicate, "transport yourself", meet, learn and convene more cost-effectively and sustainably:
  • New website developed with virtual apps ...with free hosting - See our own New World Communications website that we have cost-effectively designed and developed using new Google architecture...and you can meet with us ...train and conference "inside" of it. Our approach is innovative, yet surprisingly affordable ...Also please don't miss our limited time offer, end-of-the year special for a special discount of 15-30% off if order is placed by December 31st, 2010 depending on the communications services you need.

  • Web television - The new television is a phenomenally powerful new business development opportunity. Working with us, as part of a strategic communications plan, we can produce excellent television that communicate your product/service or program offering. We can also create a web television channel right on your website and work closely with you to program it using your content and other great content on YouTube. See our own New Television Channel page right on our own website.

  • Web conferencing, webcasting, virtual conferences...and virtual trade shows - All web conferencing is not the same. We are also experts in the field who offer a smarter approach than what you may be aware of...and we can "roll" web television programs "inside" or real-time e-meeting and e-learning webinar session.  We are also working on collaborative financing resources so that even the smallest micro-business, non-profit, or government agency can afford to do webinars as a member benefit of joining a business group cooperative that we are putting together. We also  have both low-end and high-end approaches to doing webcasts and are planning entire multi-day virtual conferences and virtual trade shows designed to grow your business. 
So talk to us now about "net new" ways to extend your business reach and do business more sustainably in 2011..and in a 21st century world that's now way more competitive. Here's our phone number 425-780-6872

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