Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year 2011 Now's the Time for You to Give Yourself.... a Virtual World Toolset.. and to Cultivate a Hybrid World Mindset...for Phenomenal Advantage

This afternoon ...what's on my the end of 2010... are all the people and organizations still stubbornly clinging to same old time consuming, physical world ...carbon-intensive... way, spending more money than they now have to, and not reaching as many audiences as they could...basically because they still haven't added a virtual world toolset.. or cultivated a "hybrid" world mindset... that leverages both physical world and virtual world approaches and resources... while taking nothing away. So what are those new virtual world tools and what's so potentially great about them?
  • The "New Television"... What we are talking about here is a real game-changer... especially if we practically apply the new television to "re-thinking" and "critically doing" the things that we deeply care about... like "re-thinking" and "re-doing" education.. and like "re-thinking" and "re-doing" business development... in a now 21st century world. It's incredible to believe...but it is now possible to create whole new blue oceans of uncontested market space at the same time on several fronts....whole new "channels" of the new television.. and whole new networks...with multiple channels.. using the Internet itself... as an "Internet-work"...and wrapping social media around that.... Watch what Oprah does with her about to launch new OWN network..This time around... a web television-producing audience is part of the offering... and watch how the cream...rises to the top as an outcome of the crowd-accelerated value innovation (It's what I've been blogging about.)

  • Next generation ...big-reach, learning-rich web conferencing. We are not talking about your older think lackluster services that you may have been unimpressed by... but newer more powerful technology... that has the "secret sauce" of value innovation ... laid on top of it... creating fantastic new experiences... never before experienced in the history of the world.... like Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou.. or even a top elected government official...logging in and "being here" with us.. Oprah has been a front-runner with this stuff herself... powerfully introducing the technology always in support of marvelous ...CONTENT..that people deeply care about. I did one of her Oprah Book Club reading groups a few years ago...reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and we "virtualized" our own physical session with the web conferencing of the day... . Since then... relationships of local and remote attendees as far away as South Carolina... have grown ..deeper....and richer too as an outcome.

  • The Explosion of Social Media ... Now that everybody  is on Facebook... and Twittering... across the generations...what's next to do is to learn how to leverage it to develop more sustainable business in a 21 century world. This social media can also be "wrapped" around the television and big-reach, learning-rich web conferenced events... focusing on things that we deeply care about.

...So what do you care about? and what's been holding you back...from seizing and leveraging this stuff more than you did in 2010? Fear, apprehension?.. self-denial?... or is it simply that you have still have just not cultivated a "hybrid" world mindset... and approach that leverages the best of both physical and virtual worlds? That's where I am coming from... and where I am going and trying to help as many folks as can... seize this stuff and have a ball with it to create new meaning.. and new wealth.. like I intend... What is your own intention? Call me and let's both declare it to the world...and ... moving forward with it... watch the Universe respond.

Happy New Year... 
...we all deserve a new one.
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