Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ustream has both web television low end... as well as a High End... Nice!!

This afternoon I am again flowing positive energy... with the discovery that folks at both a web television "Low End"...e..g. using no-cost and low-cost Ustream instant webcasting as well as "High End" professional Global Production services. Wow... does finding more about Ustream help ...fill in the blanks... and fix "the communications disconnect" that I have been experiencing...seeing gorgeous top notch televised big event video ...with the Ustream name on it... streaming gorgeously from C-Span and even from some local in Seattle... and being unhappy at the kind of quality I have been experiencing working with their low-end offering and seeing funky stuff being webcasted by some of my consulting and coaching friends with the sane lower quality issues.

So BINGO!  everything changed after I went back to's website and found their Production Services page and the kind of high end extra gear and expertise they and their contract production team were broadcast quality gear and NewTek's TriCaster. So wow... is it nice to now have both of these resources at my disposal. Look out world!  Here comes New World Communications... now with a greatly expanded ...full spectrum offering of both low end... as well as high end web television-based and conferenced based tools and strategies... 

So what about that regional or national conference that your organization has been talking about...that's in the planning stages? What about adding value... and adding even more revenue... by allowing remote participants...and high powered presenters ...and dignitaries also "be there"...remotely? Call me and lets' connect and explore this excellent opportunity. 425-780-6872.

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  1. Art, there are ways one can improve the free version of ustream,tv. I'm using a mac & camtwist to capture a portion of my desktop.

    I just need to increase the limit for more people

    Let's set up a time to do this.