Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Apps Marketplace Is Excellent Way to Scale Businesses...of Any Size

This morning I was thinking about how I can add even more value to a Google Sites direction to business owners having to deal with multiple business issues....and BINGO...two major ways to add additional value come to mind. Let's start with the first way:

Adding Value the First Way: The first way is by using and leveraging some great resources that come free of charge... just by getting a "Gmail Account". Actually a Gmail account...is a Google Account...which is the door way to a whole suite of free mature applications and even some experimental or "Labs" ones. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Gmail - Wow... Gmail keeps getting better and better especially the way "Groups" works to automatically organize my contacts and e-mails and documents associated with them. I use it like a mini-CRM system and have recently added the third-party Etacts.com plugin which also has social media connectivity and let's me know if my contact is also on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  A friend and colleague also recently introduced me to the :"Labs" icon and there some really cool mini-apps that even add additional functionality. One Lab application I really like is one that can immediately turn an e-mail into a Google document...Nice!!

  • Google Docs - This provides even the smallest micro-business with a virtual file service and free applications to do word processing (Documents), spreadsheet number crunching (Spreadsheet) and even input forms (Forms) that you can embed in your website that post to your spreadsheets. There is even a slide-making application (Presentations) that has a web conferencing capability that allows the presenter to push slides that other remote session attends can see while on a telephone conference call with them. If your computer or local files server's hard drive fails... with both your apps and your documents secure in the cloud uisng Google Docs you won't miss a beat.

  • Picasa - This is a powerful digital image file organization system that consists of both a local application that finds all your images on your computer as an online web album that allows you to easily share images and collaborate with others. You can even make a self-running slide show that you can embed right on your website.

  • YouTube  - YouTube is a revolutionary television phenomenon ...that is changing the entire television landscape. The biggie is that it allows any one to create... and program.. their own web television "channel" and embed it right on their website.  See my own New World Television Channel page.

  • Google Sites - This is still a well-kept secret that most people who have Gmail account don't even know about or take advantage of. For many small businesses... and even some larger businesses its all that we need. See my my own web site built with Google Sites architecture - www.newworldcom.com

  • Blogger - This is the blogging resource that I doing this blog with and how elegant and powerful it is. I can even put my post on Facebook, and Twitter in just a few clicks.. Nice!

  • ...and countless other free Google applications - See this page  ... Every time I go the More link...Google has added even more free apps! Most (except Picasa) are all virtual too with updating done by Google... not you. This saves both time and money. 
Adding value the Google Apps and Google Apps Marketplace Way - Businesses who have multiple employees and who need to scale without an expensive in house IT operation will love Google's Google Apps and Google Appls Marketplace direction. The cost is only $50 per year per employee to access a domain name based "Google Apps" offering, where contacts can be shared and where you can upload to your own more private Google Video account. (See my blog about the Google Video corporate television opportunity)  Google has also established strategic business relations with third party applications developers as well as well as with service providers that can deliver phenomenal additional power in key areas of business. There are "free" and trial editions of applications that are also modestly priced.

Products - Just look at all these third party products - Browse them yourself.
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Admin Tools
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Customer Management
  • Document Management
  • Productivity
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Security & Compliance
  • Workflow
Professional Services - And look at all the professional services providers - Browse them yourself.
  • Archiving & Discovery Implementation
  • Custom Application Development
  • EDU Specialists
  • Google Analytics
  • Medium-Large Business Implementation
  • Small Business Implementation
  • Support & Managed Services
  • Training & Change Management
So what's the smart way to go down the Google path? My answer to that has to good strategic planning with a sensible developmental, training, and change management path that can deliver value over time as we go as part of a longer-term relationship that can be way better than just working with a lone cowboy...or lone cowgirrl "web developer" not versed in doing much more than that. Today's demanding marketplace demands new project management skills and teamwork working with multiple experts.. which is where New World Communications is going with this stuff. Call me and let's connect and explore how we can all work together - 425-780-6872...for phenomenal advantage. Also please make sure you don't miss our limited time only December 2010 special offer on our own services.

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