Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New World Television Workshop Crash Course - "Critical Viewing"... Can Inform..."Critical Doing"... That You Learn How to Do Yourself

What part my of this week's New World Communications web television "crash course" focuses on ...is "critical viewing" to learn what the cultural trends... bubbling up from YouTube are... and what entertains... and "edu-tains". There is a lot of creativity here and "The Crowd".... weighing in... on what moves them actually is "instructional".  Learning from all this can also both shape and inform one's own "critical doing". YouTube's Rewind site does a great job of  serving it up across a 2010 timeline even.... so all you have to do is watch... absorb.. reflect... and innovate yourself ...which is how we intend help you move way ahead of even your closest competitors.

So what does all this have to do about business?... The answer is a whole lot.. if you apply Blue Ocean Strategy to what people are get themselves "edu-tained" by...and what they like to consume, and then figure how to design and "spin" your own content that speaks to their needs.  We are not talking about producing more old-think boring business web television... but about creating whole new blue oceans of uncontested market space... that can float your boat.  If you are not already enrolled in this week's web television "crash course"... you are missing out.. for not only will we "critically view" the new television, but we intend to "critically do" some of it ourselves.  Call me and let's connect after you watch some of this stuff...remembering that your own videos don't have to be as popular as these to reach your own audiences. 425-780-6872

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